Bringing Meditation Alive In Our Lives with Neil McKinlay

By Brad Miller | Dec 15, 2022

Neil is a meditation teacher and mentor, a survivor, and a recovered. He’s bringing meditation alive in our lives with Embodied Meditation.In this episode, Neil shared his struggle with the dissonance between what was going on and what he thought was going on.He talks about the point of his drama and trauma experience and a…

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How to Find Purpose and Meaning When You Don’t Know Where to Start With Martin Theis

By Brad Miller | Dec 8, 2022

Martin engages in shamanic journeys that promote spiritual awakening. He also started a business and a coaching practice to help his clients live fulfilled, peaceful, and joyful lives. In this episode, Martin shared how he overcame his greatest pain point, the suffering he had from depression, and how the shamanic journey works. He talks about…

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Move Past Fear, Doubt And Step Into Freedom with the Creator of the Recovery at Work Coaching Program Maureen Ross Gemme

By Brad Miller | Dec 1, 2022

A company that helps individuals to discover themselves and step into leadership. They aim to guide people to become the leader they know they are, conscious, competent, and caring. And ultimately enjoy the life they have. In this episode, Maureen shared how she overcame and recover from her miserable life with different addictions such as…

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Using The Power Of Art To Overcome Adversity With Michaell Magrutsche Author of The Smart Of Art

By Brad Miller | Nov 24, 2022

Michaell is an Austrian-California multimedia Artist, awareness and creativity educator, speaker and author. Artists who are aware of themselves as artists bring a fresh awareness to their work. To do so, we must first free the boundless art system, whose only desire is to be created and shown to the world, from the ever-dependent economic…

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Rescuing Women and Children from Sex Slavery by Building a Successful Business with Mat Boyle from Online to Offline

By Brad Miller | Nov 17, 2022

Online to Offline seeks to provide service in creating sustainable and scalable business development teams. They could help scale their business and increase their revenues and profits. However, their primary mission is to create jobs for vulnerable youth and women. In this episode, Mat shared how he uses his business to drive his passion for…

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Using Your Brain the Right Way: The Secret of Success with Liam Naden

By Brad Miller | Nov 9, 2022

Liam is a researcher, author, speaker, and educator.  He teaches Neuro-State Rebalancing (NSR), a technique for readjusting the four areas of your brain in order to solve issues and gain control over your life. In addition, Liam offers a number of well-respected programs for individuals and couples to help them mend their marriages or relationships.…

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From Stillness to Success with Ken Kladouris

By Brad Miller | Nov 3, 2022

Ken is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, new media host, and wealth advisor. He believes that by learning the tools and strategies that you need to shift your focus into overdrive, you can realize your true calling, set your targets, and achieve your goals.  In this episode, Ken talks about his defining moment. How he had…

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Clean Out Your Life Closet with Author Corbie Midleid

By Brad Miller | Oct 27, 2022

Corbie is the author of the book entitled “Clean Out Your Life Closet.” Clean Out Your Life Closet encourages you as you search for your answers, create your toolbox, and realize that mending the old and making the new can be cheerful, joyous, and soul-satisfying. In this episode, Corbie shared how she overcame all her…

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Live is Hard But You’ll Be Okay with Johnny Sirpilla author of “Life Is Hard But I’ll Be Okay”

By Brad Miller | Oct 20, 2022

Johnny Sirpilla is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 221 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.” He is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur that aims to help businesses, communities, and universities in encouraging growth, development, and inspire others. He also wrote the book entitled, “Life is Hard but I’ll Be OK: The Power of Hope Emerging…

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Trust the Wisdom of Change with Sylvia Worsham author of Journey to Me

By Brad Miller | Oct 13, 2022

Sylvia is a Turning Point Coach and author of the book entitled “Journey To Me: Trust The Wisdom Of Change.” She helps female entrepreneurs go from a turning point to the acceptance of new habits that result in a breakthrough. In this episode, Sylvia shared how she nearly died which shifted her lens toward the…

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