182: The Power of Financial Freedom Plan When Things Go Bad With Your Child’s Health With Ty Morgan

Ty Morgan is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 182 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Ty Morgan is a Christian, a husband, a father of two children, a business owner, and an investor.

He is the founder of Infinite Planning, Inc. and the director of Silent Guardians Inc.

Infinite Planning, Inc. is a new take on an old business. They aren’t your conventional financial consultants who want to sell you goods and keep your money under their control. You will get control of your money by using our instructional and consultative method, which delivers certainty.

Financial Coaching is a straightforward, fair, and scalable business model that meets the demands of our clients. They’ll lead you to freedom using their exclusive Infinite Planning Process™.

In this episode, Ty shares his struggles of finding hope in these uncertain times, the hardships his young family had to go through, and the resources that helped him navigate these waves of challenges.

The first challenge that Ty had to face was when his grandfather had an accident during a tree cutting which crushed the left side of the skull. It could have all been prevented at his old age if his grandfather wasn’t working to earn money. Ty made him an Inspiration behind Infinite Planning Process – to help individuals struggling to take control of their finances and help them take back control of their lives.

The couple was expecting their second child, and Ty and his wife were excited when it finally happened. But with close monitoring and regular visits to the doctor, they found out that the child had a condition where it doesn’t have a bladder and kidneys, also known as Bilateral Renal Agenesis.

As a Financial Planner, Ty is accustomed to planning things out logically, leaving no room for any possibilities of slipups or anything unusual that might arise. This time, he completely surrendered everything to God and solely relied on faith which he never once did in his entire life.

Episode 182 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for any spiritually-minded Christian Entrepreneurs, Investors, or people who need to hear a story about how faith and hope have nurtured a young family in times where their adversities seem impossible to overcome. “The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 

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181: How A Change Of Heart About His Career Led One Man To Change The World Thru Intergration Of Business and Life Calling With Carey Green

Carey Green is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 181 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

In this episode, Carey shared how his experiences working in a ministry, dealing with different people, and moving to foreign places have been somewhat a challenge for him.

Carey Green was a pastor in various churches across the US. It was a rewarding and humbling role that he would never trade.

In 2011, Carey began to feel the end of his calling in that role. His conviction was (and is) that the church deserves a Pastor whose heart is entirely in part – and he was not. It was the right move.

Carey experienced disappointment, pain, and discouragement when building a church in that particular location. He and his wife were called in to help save a church when the former pastor’s marriage fell apart. Carey described the event as being like watching the death of a church with his own eyes.

He attempted to fix things with the church and its members at first, but as time passed, he realized that some things were simply beyond his abilities to mend. He had the impression that it wasn’t just working for him but also for the church. He gradually realized that fewer people were there, and the crowd diminished. He resigned, knowing it wouldn’t work, persuading members to choose someone more suited and with whom they could connect. The church subsequently closed down after about a month.

He needed to find a new job, and he was fortunate enough to get recruited as a cable man, where he goes into people’s backyards and disconnects wires if they have not paid their overdue account. He had to take on additional occupations, even if they weren’t what he had planned on doing, to put food on the table and keep in mind that they are only renting a house for his entire family.

Carey eventually returned to ministry and was sent to another church, where he was determined to make it work no matter what. It was almost as if they were having an open conversation with the new church members since they were asking for an opinion on how Carey should govern the church. They held family gatherings where individuals individually spoke up about specific issues, and some issues were resolved only due to this act of communication.

For those spiritually inclined Christians struggling with some elements of life, Episode 181 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen. We have all been in situations where we feel out of control and hopeless because we are left with few options, but as Carey says in this episode, we must never forget that God will not allow anything wrong to happen to us and that we must trust Him that He will provide for all of our needs as long as we are willing to take action because Faith without Action is useless. 

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 

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180: Overcoming Stress Anxiety And Deppression By Choosing to live through them with KRISTINE OVSEPIAN

Khristine is Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 180 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Khristine has a website called Journey to Heal. Through choice, she is all about helping people transform their health and their life by identifying, limiting, and eliminating negative emotions, and to get on with their life of healing and happiness. 

In this episode, Khristine shared how she lived a life surrounded by fear, from fear of life, fear of success, fear of failure, and even fear of fear. She shared how she overcome this limiting belief so she can move forward and create a life worthy of love and success. 

She talks about how she keeps having a mantra and uttering words of affirmations that would eventually affect her mindset and give her positive energy. 

As a mother, all she wanted was to lead a life of example and to be financially free so she can give her children a strong foundation and a good future.

But it seems that she finds herself in dumpster dirt and she faced depression. To overcome this, she managed to get a session with a hypnotherapist and that’s where everything became brighter for her. She literally saw light again.

Khristine proclaims that God is a loving God, and she realizes that, there was such a spiritual aspect connected to hypnotherapy. It’s like the power of the mind.

Khristine made the decision to free herself from a God that was a vengeful God or angry God. In order to heal, she understands that God is a loving God, and is a forgiving God. 

Khristine talks to Brad about how she realized that she was so disconnected from her divinity and spirituality, and now she is able to have deep prayer and meditations and to really connect with God.

Her driving force is her children and she states that as a mother, her role is not only to raise them but to also ensure that she becomes an inspiration for them. She can only do this by healing herself and taking care of herself so she can be the best gift for the children. 

Beyond that Khristine also mentioned taking practical steps, and the first one is “never giving up.” Then deciding to be educated in an area that she likes the most.

Khristine’s story is proof of how a person can change his/her physical conditions if we truly manifest everything and decide to commit to achieving those manifestations. That, the greatest gift we can offer to our loved ones is the love that we give to ourselves. Being the best authentic versions of ourselves will truly help us lead a life of light and happiness. 

Episode 180 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for any spiritually-minded Christian Entrepreneur looking for an inspirational story of a woman who overcame limiting beliefs and made her way out of fear. 

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast” with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 

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179: Feeling Invisible to Crushing Life with Confidence and Visibility Inspiring Story with Michelle Kuei

Michelle Kuei is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 179 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.” Aside from being a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index and a Certified Career Coach who employs proprietary tools to assist clients in uncovering and identifying blind spots in their professional and personal lives, she is a pharmacist who runs the elevate life coaching.org coaching program. Her coaching approach is solely based on educating women on becoming more confident and empowered, which will keep them on track to achieve their goals.

Born in Taiwan, Michelle had a terrible accident, which forced her to go in and out of the operating room. The doctor issued metal shoes and crutches until she turned 18 when her bones would be more structurally solid.

Because she was a rebellious adolescent, she refused to follow the doctor’s advice and regularly removed the equipment, forcing herself to walk independently. Every year it became more difficult for her to walk great distances, so she required help from someone, and that someone was her mother. It got to the point that her mother had to accompany her to job interviews. She has been on crutches for the past 47 years.

Michelle got deeply wounded, not just physically but emotionally. As a result of the accident, she got enraged, oblivious to other people’s pain and uncaring to their feelings, struggled with self-esteem as she approached puberty because she wasn’t like the other females her age. She felt confused and unsure of her place in the world.

Michelle understood that, even if life was difficult for her due to her condition, she had two choices: have her life cut short or find a way to shift her perspective and conquer all of the issues she was encountering. Michelle discussed how she overcame an injury that had caused her so much pain and hatred in her life.

She discusses what she almost did, such as terminating her life and how those experiences changed her life. She talked about how she gained confidence in her skin. She wants to help women become more self-aware and self-loving as a coach and authors so they can go out into the world and claim their place.

Michelle emphasizes that physical is not restricted and that we may live our lives despite our limited physical mobility by asking ourselves what our purpose is. It necessitates knowledge of oneself, and it requires us to comprehend our inner reality and think beyond our physique.

Episode 179 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to hear an inspirational story about a woman who succeeded despite her limited physical mobility. Michelle Kuei’s story is inspiring, empowering, and significant proof that we can overcome our adversaries if we learn to live beyond our physicality. It all boils down to the idea that you can achieve anything if you set your heart and your mind to that particular goal and do it. 

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. 

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178: Turning Your Adversity Into Your Advantage With Dom Brightmon

Dominique Brightmon is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 178 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Dominique “Dom” Brightmon, DTM, is a John Maxwell Team certified self-leadership expert from Baltimore, MD, who motivates and equips others to share their story.

In this episode, Dom shares his struggles, how he overcame them, and the necessary tools and skills one must develop to rise above the adversities of life. It talks about how these minor detours are like ingredients to spice up your journey towards your goals.

The year 2012 was the year when everyone believed the world would end. Dom felt as if he was going through a snowball effect: first, his father went on a trip and got lost; they were unable to reach him for a day; then, they could locate him; and subsequently, they discovered his father had Alzheimer’s disease.

Dom made a mistake that could have cost his life. While he was smashing his automobile while celebrating his 21st birthday because he didn’t realize his brakes weren’t working. Dom had also worked as a part-time employee at a library, called out frequently for miscommunication with customers.

Dom discovered the pearls of wisdom hidden among the bookshelves while working part-time at the library. He was able to read and absorb the materials offered in the library while he was there, and it gave him the boost he needed. He was able to read all of John Maxwell’s leadership books and the Bible from beginning to end, and he developed into a voracious reader.

Episode 178 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone experiencing setbacks and a slight detour in life. Things might not fall in as planned initially, but you have to understand that these minor hiccups make the trip even more appealing than the reward that comes after.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

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