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Posts by Brad Miller

“Motivated by Loving Relationships”

My daughter came to me to ask me a question, I knew the question she was about to ask, but my mind zoomed back 25 years to a question she had asked me as a four-year-old girl curled up on my lap.    Hello, my friend, this is the pathway to promise podcast with Dr.…

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God’s Gift of self-discipline

  I was face to face with my mortal enemy.  Victory or defeat hung in the balance.  I Had met this enemy many times before but somehow I knew this would be a decisive battle. As a matter of fact, my enemy had beaten me more times than not but not today, today victory was…

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The Gift of Drawing on a Higher Power

There I was sitting in the back of a rubber raft with a sick old lady in a gaudy floral patterned bathing suit and I just knew this was not going to end well. Hello, my friend, I’m Dr. Brad Miller and you’re on the Pathway to Promise Podcast. This is episode #3 Drawing on…

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The Gift of Taking Bold Action

The Captain gave the order to abandon ship.   The crew of the ship knew the order was coming as it was all too evident that the good ship “Endurance” was being crushed under the weight of millions of tons of Antarctic ice. The goal of the ship “Endurance” was to deliver the ships captain…

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