200: Larry Roberts Interview Doctor Brad Miller About Motivation, Calling, Energy and Mission Creating Podcast Life Transformational For People Facing Adversity, Finding Pathway For Peace, Posperity And Purpose

Dr. Brad Miller was interviewed by Larry Roberts in the Spark Media Conference at Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee.

He is a retired pastor and has been in the podcast industry for over ten years. As a Christian, he believes that healing can be made through Jesus Christ. 

He has a Christian-themed podcast entitled ‘Beyond Adversity’.

In the Beyond Adversity Podcast, Dr. Brad aims to help people overcome challenges in their lives and achieve a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

In hopes of inspiring people to overcome adversity, various guests like people who have written books and people who were able to overcome their adverse life events are catered to in the podcast. 

These life events are shared with us so we can learn from them and perhaps be able to do better in our lives.

The idea for the podcast came from the eagerness of the people to heal physically or spiritually. He wants to connect with people through the podcast to help and inspire them. 

Beyond Adversity has been an ongoing show for almost five years. Episodes are released every Thursday of the week.

He also shared about his book “The Promise Given Life” and his future plans.

In this episode, Dr. Brad Miller shares with us all about the Beyond Adversity podcast and his plans for the future. 

199: How To Overcome A Learning Disability In Your Child And Help Them And Yourself Achieve Success With Lois Letchford

Lois Letchford is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 199 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

She is the author of the book entitled ‘Reversed: A Memoir’. 

She is also a literacy problem solver or an educator who focuses on teaching children who are having problems when reading and speaking.

Lois encountered a lot of judgments and insults when her child was growing up. However, she didn’t listen to them and continued to find ways how to teach her child literacy.

Eventually, through observation and a variety of errors, she succeeded in finding a way to teach her child.

With her experience, she is now helping other children who are going through the same thing. She utilizes different learning methods, depending on the child itself. She is a literacy problem solver for the past 20 years.

Episode 199 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is recommended for those parents who are trying to teach their children to improve their literacy.

In this episode, Lois shares her personal experience of how she overcame adversity in her life. Despite the negativities around her, she was able to get through it and is now helping others.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. 


Book: https://www.amazon.com/Reversed-Memoir-Lois-Letchford-ebook/dp/B079Y599W5

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lois-letchford-13762917

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loisletchfordauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LetchfordLois

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW-eC1bd7uZBizY-rzWhrQQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loisletchford/

198 How To Optimize Happy, Healthy and Successful In Your Life Through Kundalini Yoga With Kara Nicole Bitar

Kara Nicole Bitar is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Performance Coach. 

She helps her clients become the happiest, healthiest, and most successful versions. She earned her Juris Doctor from Duke University School of Legal and worked at one of the region’s largest law firms in high-stakes corporate litigation. She combines the dedication and focuses required to become a successful attorney with extensive research, experience, and training on making the most of our lives.

Since she was a little girl, Kara has always wanted to be a lawyer. She received a full scholarship to law school and graduated with honors. She worked for some of the country’s largest law firms, managing business litigation and domestic violence cases.

On the surface, Kara appears to have everything under control. Her life was one that everyone wished for, as was the renown and respect she garnered from her substantial legal work. Despite all of this, she was unhappy and felt she lacked the strength and motivation to continue living, despite her many pleasures and benefits.

We establish higher standards for ourselves in terms of degrees or acquired riches in our job but lesser standards for how we feel. We are continually under the impression that once we earn that promotion, buy that dazzling product, or do anything, we will be pleased. We have unconsciously linked our happiness to these things, and when we obtain them and the emotion is not fulfilled, we are saddened and disappointed.

Kara is becoming increasingly miserable as she realizes that being a lawyer is all she ever wanted to do. A part of her believes there is more to life than this. As a result, her body responded to all of the extra stress from her constant adrenaline rush. She devoted her time and energy to genuinely discovering life’s meaning.

Kara conducted her study and experimented with various physical activities, including saunas, floats, colonics, and cleanses. She experimented with many modalities to figure out why certain practices work. She didn’t rule out any possibilities of discovering the genuine meaning, even if they seemed strange.

Kara’s story is an excellent example of how our expectations of what we want in life may not always be the best place to find pleasure. It’s tempting to equate satisfaction with wealth, power, or prestige, but these are fleeting and replaceable things. What happiness means to you depends on your perspective and your fulfillment from making good decisions and serving others.

Episode 198 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who feels like happiness can have when you acquire something of value. We must remember that joy and contentment aren’t gage with how much or how many you have; it’s the people’s lives and the values you resonate with.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. 

Website: https://www.karanicolebitar.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karanicolebitar/?hl=en 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kara-nicole-bitar-aa635a21b 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karanicole.bitar.7

197: How To Turn Thought Into Things And Become Conscious Creator Of The Life That You Love With Gunther Mueller

Gunther Mueller is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 197 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Gunther Mueller, Optimal (Physical & Mental) Health Strategist, has spent the last decade working with over 300 medical practitioners from various disciplines to help them provide life-changing therapies to their patients.

Gunther delivers knowledge, insights, and often complex content in a way that inspires people to act and take control of their life immediately.

Gunther has spent the last 30 years building, buying, and selling enterprises, earning millions. It enables him to coach his customers through complex difficulties and life situations with a unique perspective.

Working in the entrepreneurial field has exposed Gunther to every aspect of life, including financial, health, and relationship challenges, but he has overcome them all. He’s reached a point in his life where he values sharing the quantum physics mindset or concept and the power of our ability to choose what happens next.

Gunther built a seven-figure business in 2017 when he received a call from one of his clients at the end of the year alerting him that all of his signed contracts were null and void. It sent shivers down Gunther’s spine as he ponders what he should do now that he’s been confronted with this unforeseen predicament.

When confronted with this dilemma, Gunther realized that the most effective and immediate remedy was to take some time off and reconsider some of his activities and the right decisions he should be made to get out of it. He discovered that you couldn’t mend what isn’t broken, and sometimes all we need is an adjustment of perspective rather than destroying everything.

As humans, we tend to avoid pain and any activities linked with it instead of focusing on pleasure. Love, Money, Health, and Miscellaneous are the four categories, and the first three buckets are frequently the source of people’s issues. If one’s identity structure doesn’t allow one to sustain the rewards of one’s labor, one’s identity structure will always feel compelled to start over.

Every creation has been made twice: once in the realm of fantasy and once in three-dimensional reality. We are never taught how to use our imagination, which is a gift we all have. There are two sorts of matter in the universe: information and energy. The data represents an intention, a genuine choice, a want, or a need for something, and the power means the related feeling. If you want something and feel what it would be like to get it, it is often not an accurate decision. When you mix pure intention, authentic decision, and emotion, the field collapses in the quantum physical universe. 

Gunther Mueller’s story tells us that we can overcome anything life throws at us by shifting our focus and thoroughly thinking about our options for a better solution. 

Episode 197 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone on a quest for success and the betterment of their life. To emphasize the importance of where you aim your focus and how powerful the choices you make that could change your life.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. 

Website: https://dreamlifemasters.com/gunther-mueller

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gunthermueller

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mueller.gunther

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/c/GuntherMueller4Health/videos

196: Discover The Power Of Building A Givers Community With E.A. Csolokovits

E.A. Csolkovits is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 196 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

He is the founder of Givers University.

Givers University aims to help and teach people about self-development. It is also his way to fulfill the wishes of his mentor.

E.A. was mentored by Sam Robbins. Over the years, he has been inspired by how Sam overcame his own adversity. He was able to learn a lot through him.

E.A. got betrayed by his partner and was planning on kicking him out from the company. Fortunately, due to the recording on his phone, he was able to learn about the plan. Until now, he hasn’t told that ‘partner’ that he actually discovered what his evil plans are.

In this episode, E.A. will be sharing with us his story of how he overcame the challenges in his life. He will also be sharing with us all about Givers University.

Episode 196 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is recommended for those who got betrayed by someone in their lives and are trying to overcome that situation. 

Sam once told to EA that he should let his intellect control his emotions rather than the emotions controlling his intellect. It always better to be responsive than being reactive.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giversuniversity/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GiversUniversity/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/giversu

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWb0m3mHBSgbJNSDkknEaIQ