154. How to be Happy Through Meditation with Tamy Khan the “Happy Meditator”

In Episode 154 of the Beyond Adversity Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller talks with the “Happy Meditator” Tamy Khan

Tamy Khan is happiness, mindfulness, meditation coach, yoga teacher and founder of Happy Meditator found at happymeditor.com

Tamy helps people discover a calmer, more meaningful, and happier life that is more centered, grounded, and resilient. She does this with the help of mindfulness techniques, meditation & scientifically proven happiness strategies.

Tamy believes that anybody can create a life with less stress, anxiety, and better-balanced emotions.

Tamy worked for several years as a mental health therapist, there she encountered a lot of people who were unhappy and dissatisfied with their life. As a therapist, she was required to use traditional counseling practices to help them. However, she always felt that these techniques weren’t fully effective in helping people regain control of their lives. It often led to people become dependent on therapy and it would take a long time for them to be able to deal with their problems.

In her own personal life, she also experienced similar dissatisfaction just like many of the clients she worked with. Tamy started looking into non-traditional psychology and practices to improve her own sense of control and wellbeing. She decided to focus on positive psychology, mindfulness, and meditation. She started implementing these scientific-based practices in her own life and experienced positive results quickly.

Tamy knows how it feels to be unhappy and to lack any sense of direction in your life. But as she developed a better understanding of her own needs and learned to establish a positive mindset, she experienced a transformation from within. She began regaining a sense of balance, purpose, and wholeness in her life which inspired her to launch the Happy Meditator.

At happymediator.com Tamy shares her personal and professional experiences with others so they can experience what it feels like to live a mindful happy life. Helping others and teaching has always been a passion and a strong drive is what fills me with joy and gratitude.

The Happy Meditator is Tamy’s life dream of creating a place where people can get inspired and get help with creating the happy life that they want. She believes we all have the potential for happiness and having some guidance in the process can help things fall into place.

She works with people to remap their minds and grow the skills needed for a more mindful wholesome life.

In Episode 154 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast, she shares deeply her story to Dr. Brad Miller about the powerful transformations her happy mediator process can offer to the person who promises themselves to face their adverse life events and to navigate beyond them to a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller at drbradmiller.com for the purpose of helping people to overcome adversity life events and emerge to a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.


153. How to Quiet Your Mind and Create an Epic Life with Matthew Ferry

On Episode 153 of the Beyond Adversity Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller has a conversation with Matthew Ferry (matthewferry.com) the author of “Quiet Mind-Epic Life: Escape The Status Quo And Experience Enlightened Prosperity Now!”

Matthew Ferry is a thriving executive life coach and spiritual teacher. For the last 26 years, Ferry has coached thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity™. His books, videos, audios, and seminars utilize his street-tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process™. 

Matthew Ferry’s promise is simple: Quiet your mind so you can create an epic life, that is filled with Enlightened Prosperity. His down-to-earth approach empowers you to rise above the unwanted chatter and negativity of the mind. Matthew says, “When your mind is quiet, you feel profound peace and your life becomes extraordinary. No ashram required.”

Matthew talks to Brad about the process of assembling the people and processes to relate to your own mind as a continual process of human emerging which allows you to experience a fulfilling, prosperous, peaceful life-an epic life. 

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller for the purpose of helping people to navigate adverse life events (depression, divorce, disease, debt, and death) to emerge to a promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.



152. How to Pivot From Broke Employee to Successful Entrepreneur by Taking Control of Your Time, Money and Work and Have A Life of Freedom with Vincent Pugliese from TotalLifeFreedom.com.

In Episode 152 of the Beyond Adversity Podcast Vincent Pugliese returns to visit with Dr. Brad Miller in a conversation about the mindset pivot needed to transition from broke employee to successful entrepreneur and the continued adjustment needed when confronted by adversity like the covid 19 pandemic.

Vincent Pugliese is the founder of the Total Life Freedom Community. Living a life of freedom is of huge importance to Vincent and his wife Elizabeth. They homeschool their three boys and believe that having control of your time, your money, and the work you do, leads to the ultimate life freedom. While teaching others to do the same, the movement of Total Life Freedom was born. 

In their conversation, Vincent shares the particular actions that he took in his business when confronted by a dramatic drop in clients at the outset of the pandemic and how preparations and taking personal control of every aspect of their lives meant that his business was not devastated by the actions of others outside of his control.

For Vincent, the most important action that he took was to continue to be generous in the face of adversity and not succumb to any temptation to withdraw to any selfish goals. Indeed, Vincent shared, in-depth with Dr. Brad that for him all success comes down to gratitude and helpfulness and how to have generous not selfish goals. A generous goal is how do I help someone else do something without regard to any immediate selfish goals. He lives this out by adhering to the discipline of spending the first hour of each day contacting people to see how he can be helpful to them, this is the key to the Total Life Freedom lifestyle.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller at DrBradMiller.com and on all the major podcast directories. The purpose of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is to help people to navigate adverse life events and to emerge to a promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Vincent Pugliese’s The Total Life Freedom community includes coaching, consulting, masterminds, books, and the Total Life Freedom Podcast live at TotalLifeFreedom.com.

Vincent Pugliese


151. Change Your Negative Self Talk of Discouragement, Doubt and Fear by Focusing on Biblical Truths with the Author of “Dwell on These Things” John Stange

The author of “Dwell on These Things” John Stange is Dr. Brad Miller guest on Episode 151 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast.

John Stange is a follower of Jesus, husband to Andrea, and father to four great kids. He holds degrees in Bible, Education, and Counseling, is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team, and serves as the Lead Pastor of Core Creek Community Church in Langhorne, PA. John is an adjunct professor at Cairn University, where he teaches courses on church planting, theology, and counseling. He also serves as the Director of the National Mission Board which is a ministry that is focused on church planting and church health.

John hosts three podcasts, “The Chapter-A-Day Audio Bible,” “Daily Devotions with Pastor John,” and “Dwell on These Things.” At present, his shows have been downloaded nearly 5 million times by listeners throughout the world. All three podcasts can be freely accessed via your favorite podcast app or DesireJesus.com. John’s books are focused on spiritual growth, leadership, marriage, and the practical and applicational aspects of following Jesus. 

In his discussion with Dr. Brad, he focuses on the overarching message of his latest book “Dwell on These Things.” 

John believes you can change your life by changing the messages that enter your mind! Learn to see yourself through God’s eyes by spending thirty-one days feeding your heart a new, biblical message of encouragement in his book “Dwell on These Things.” 

Every day, our hearts and minds fill with messages—about ourselves, the world, and God—that we replay again and again. Some of these messages are accurate and helpful. Others run counter to truths that God wants us to understand and embrace. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to live at the mercy of whatever thought pops into your mind. In fact, you can choose exactly which messages you wish to repeat and believe. 

  • Replace feelings of discouragement with a sense of God’s goodness. 
  • Practice seeing yourself in the loving way God sees you. 
  • Exchange negative self-talk for positive biblical messages. 
  • Learn to face the day with hope in your heart.   

Episode 151 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a great and entertaining listen to the person of faith and the person exploring faith as a vital piece of facing and navigating through adversity to achieve a promised life. In Episode 151 you will learn that there’s no need to remain stuck thinking unhelpful thoughts. Learn how you can fill your mind with encouraging, life-enriching truths through a gospel-saturated, thirty-one-day challenge that can help you replace a destructive mindset with a positive, empowering, and godly one.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller at DrBradMiller.com and on all the major podcast directories. The purpose of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is to help people to navigate adverse life events and to emerge to a promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.




150. How to Get Over Yourself and Play for Something Big with Tripp Lanier the author of “This Book Will Make You Dangerous”

On Episode 150 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller goes deep with author and coach Tripp Lanier about his book “This Book Will Make You Dangerous”

As a Professional Coach, Tripp Lanier has spent thousands of hours coaching people all around the world to get out of the rat race, become an authority in their field, and make a great living doing the work they were put on this earth to do. Over the years he’s designed several businesses to support a simple lifestyle focused on freedom, ease, meaning, and fun.

As Host of The New Man Podcast Tripp Lanier has conducted hundreds of interviews with experts and authors from all walks of life including:

Tim Ferriss (The 4 Hour Workweek, The 4 Hour Body, The 4 Hour Chef)

Laird Hamilton (Big wave surfing legend)

Ryan Holiday (The Obstacle is the Way, The Ego is the Enemy, The Daily Stoic)

As a Human Guinea Pig Tripp has thrown himself into everything from 10 day silent meditation retreats to plant medicine journeys to men’s groups in the Costa Rican jungle to somatic sex intensives in his bedroom to drinks with Zen masters — He even learned some life lessons by hanging out backstage with David Lee Roth.

In this in-depth conversation with Dr. Brad Miller Tripp discusses the importance of identifying and overcoming resistance in order to get out of your own way as a process of challenging our fears and achieve personal potential. 

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller for the purpose of helping people to navigate personal adversity and achieve a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.