“Motivated by Loving Relationships”

My daughter came to me to ask me a question, I knew the question she was about to ask, but my mind zoomed back 25 years to a question she had asked me as a four-year-old girl curled up on my lap.   

Hello, my friend, this is the pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller.  I believe every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and we can find this promised life, (overcoming all adversities), when we have the path and the people to guide you to your promised life.

I’m glad you’re here today.  Let’s have a conversation about something that I know you think about a lot….Love.

Love and the motivation of love to fuel and create momentum to change your life for the better.

Love.  Love manifests itself in many forms.   There is the love of God, love of family, love of your spouse, love of your kids, love of your friends.   What we are going to focus on today is the love of self.   Loving yourself enough to navigate life adversities of depression, disease, divorce even death to change your life for the better…to find your promised life.   

  Love yourself enough to leverage loving relationships to fuel you to change your life.  This is a part of the Big Why to lead to life transformation.

My daughter was four years old when she, quite unexpectantly, crawled up onto my lap and sweetly and innocently (in the way only a daughter can look at her daddy) she looked up into my face and asked: “daddy do I have to grow up?”

I looked into her big blue eyes and answered her question.  The answer I gave my daughter was not true and neither of us knew the powerful implications that would have for the question she would ask me 25 years later. Time passes quickly.

I’ll get back to the answers I gave to both of her questions here in a moment.

My friend here on the pathway to promise podcast our mission is to help people navigate and get through great adversities in their life in a short period of time in order to come to a place I like to call the promise life.

It is based on the belief that I have based on my studies, in my experiences as a pastor in my personally life and with hundreds of other people that every person has a God-ordained or God promised life of peace and prosperity and purpose and that that promise life is attained when we follow a pathway illuminated by the gifts God gives us and guided by the proper people along the way. I know that he can happen in a relatively short span of time in. Indeed in the Bible, it often talks about profound life change that takes place in 40 day periods.

This pathway to promise is marked by four gifts that God gives you that point the way to our pathway of promise to our promise life. This is episode number four “God’s Gift of Motivating Love”

Today lets are talking about the motivational fuel of loving relationships to fuel you along the pathway to promise. In episode 001 I shared my story about how I discovered my own pathway to a promised life as I was preparing for my daughter’s wedding. Episode 002 was about Gods gift a taking bold action. God’s gift of drawing from a higher power is Episode 3 and episode 005 is about self-discipline.

These all stem from my understanding of a foundational verse of Scripture which is 2 Timothy 17 “I came not to give you a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power love and self-discipline”

The third of our four foundational gifts is motivating love.

The motivation of loving relationship is the big WHY for life change.   For whom do we want to change?   How does accomplish our promised life impact our most important loving relationships.

It really starts with understanding that we are loved by a power greater than ourselves. I believe in God as creator and embrace that love of our creator because it is for my best interest.  When I return that love to my creator and understand and commit to returning that love for our mutual benefit, well there ’s a word for that.   It is the covenant.

Covenant can be defined as “a solemn agreement to act together in harmony”

The acceptance of a covenant means that God loving you is followed by the love expresses your love to God which builds an understanding that you have a purpose, meaning in life.  When you apply this covenant understanding of mutually beneficial love to your marriage, your kids, your friends, your self then you really have something.

What you really have is that love is the rocket fuel, the motivation to sustain your wilderness journey through depression, divorce, disease, death anything which sows disharmony.

Biblically, Moses had to love the children of Israel to lead them to the promised land.   Noah had to love all creatures to build the ark and suffer through the great flood until he saw the rainbow of God’s covenant.  Jesus had to love all humanity to endure 40 days in the wilderness before he went to Jerusalem for the passion of death and resurrection.

Sir Ernest Shackleton had to love the 28 men of the ship Endurance to suffer incredibly hardships to get his men home to England from Antartica. You can listen to Episode 2 for more on this story.

For you and I love is the fuel that motivates you to lose weight and get healthy so you can see your granddaughter graduate high school.   It can be love to fuel you to start that new business to provide a better home and lifestyle for your family.  Love can be your motivation to get out of debt and relieve pressure on your marriage.    

That leads us into the one the biggest motivators for change our love of other people if we want to have good health one of the reasons we want to have good.   

If you want to change, if you want to get through all problems and pitfalls and get to your promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose you have to get emotional about it.  You have to get emotional about the By Why you want to change and that means that means you change your game for the names of the people you love and who love you.

Let me share with you four ways that you can live out acts of love to others to fire up your motivation to change your life for the better.

1. Radical Hospitality.   This means unconditional love in action without judgment toward the people you love.  This means don’t condemn or judge people you love but take some action to show you love them…it’s even better when they don’t expect it.  An example might be sending flowers to your spouse just because or taking off work to sponsor a field trip for your son.  Radical hospitality means treating the people you love right.  You will notice how in giving you will receive and the strength you receive from the growing love of your relationship will empower you on your pathway to promise.

2. Fearless Conversation.  This means choosing to go deeper than the superficial talk with the people that you love. It might mean turning off the TV and shutting down Facebook and putting away the cell phone to take till some time to listen carefully to the hurts wants and needs of the people in your life. And my mean asking some deep questions of the people that you love that can lead to meaningful fearless conversation. It is a fearless conversation which builds are loving relationships on a deeper level.  An example of fearless conversation is talking to your parents about end-of-life issues. Thereby you can plan for financial, emotional and family needs before a crisis comes. When you grow deeper with the ones you love and fearless conversation that is powerful fuel and motivation to get you through to your promise life.

3.  Genuine humility.   This means genuine genuinely putting the needs of others before your own glory. This does not be self-deprecating or be insecure and who you are is not about focusing on faults. It does mean being open to learning even when you disagree and admitting your mistakes. CS Lewis said this “true humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Simply put when you put others first good things happen in your life. It is the opposite of arrogance and hubris which almost never are a factor in loving relationships. Genuine humility is definitely a part of building the momentum of loving relationships to get you through adversity to your promise life.

  4. Divine anticipation.    This is living with the expectation in your loving relationships that synergy will happen when you invest each other that you just know is of God or spiritual or divine thing.   This is a great way to overcome depression and disappointment which can sometimes arise in our loving relationships. It means expect the best in them and often they will see the best in you. This goes towards choosing the thing about what can be in your relationships over bemoaning what’s lost or what might’ve been. In my world, I often call this a “God thing.”    In episode three I told the story of how my 18-year-old son saved me from drowning that for me was a “God thing”  which has grown my relationship with my son on a divine level. Divine anticipation is intragel to building the momentum of loving relationships along   Your pathway to promised life.

[spp-optin]health is because we want to be a good husband is good wife wouldn’t be there for kids would be a great grandfather great-grandmother for our grandchildren would be of vital health and be inspiring.

Loving relationships motivate us and that we want to be influencers and be moved emotionally by her relationship with others we would invest in going invest in someone else give them the best you got then when the best things we can do is accomplish our dreams achieve our promise life.

When the greatest examples of living a promise life is what another turn a promise me means covenant a covenant is a relationship that we enter into her we have mutual interest me to agree ability mutual bond that is there with us the marriage covenant is one that we have an marriage code is one of man or woman of Paris to live in a promised life relationship is also covenant in a family between fathering children mother and children between fan are our parents present covenant relationship we are bound to them of also matter what we do choose and how we live out that relationship we love it out to ignoring frustrated and upset guilty mist over if we live it in a joyous way in a way that is fulfilling and very revealing to us so I testified you to be motivated fueled by love and if you are need to ramp that up makes it visit and highlight that can help you to get motivated to change your life didn’t do it encourage your love ones to help hold you accountable for instance encourage your friends to help hold you accountable to your process of getting better in your life and see your goals as motivated by those relationships health-related relationship issues relationships to find your financial future you want to provide for your children for your spouse financially than part of that is because you love up 11 and you and provide for those ways so that’s what I want to share with you today be motivated by love so let’s make a list this rented what ways do you feel that you are loved by God. What are three ways that you love yourself up at each other down the easy to make less of what we don’t like about what you like about yourself like you have good sense of humor what you love about yourself do you love that you’re able to always be dependable you love the fact that you can always laugh at a good joke what is it 11 at the right Ellis to the people you’re close to your life your spouse you kid your parents immediate family brother sister’s right analyst what you love about them we love about them and what would you want to do for them this be practical or three pregnancy was something good that you want to do for your spouse what something good you what to do for your kids and your parents may be right in the card it may be providing pension plan and maybe all kinds of things what is something that you can you can do okay what about your friends Frances over most important relationships how about that this talk about that friends can hold you accountable you hold them accountable as part of a loving relationship is broken fuel you change a good friend not only hears you out response to you and give you feedback what’s going on your life as a care about you have to be accountable to the people I’m fortunate that I had to when I was process of losing weight at a workout partner and we would hold each other accountable by being there for another 5 o’clock in the morning when we got to get it working if one missed it will call so that’s what works less well encouraging to be very mindful if you want to achieve your promise life to

the mindful of those loving relationship and how that fuels remember the story that told about the two questions for my daughter when she was four years old – either crawl upon last and are questioning says Denny do I have to grow up allied to or highlight your signal honey don’t have to grow up Santa Fe I did I was an issue they grow up but at the moment I just want to hold onto that precious relationship of that beautiful four-year-old it was just so beautiful Queen I did want her to preserve her in that way even I knew it wasn’t realistic in an ugly she did either she was little scared on a little scared of her growing up and that moment to preserve that moment but a loving relationship is a growing relationship is in it and it grows and evolves and he goes to rose through the pain he goes to joy is time to go through all kinds of things so it is a 25 years later I daughter came to me again and of course she grown up the 29-year-old woman and her next question to me was dad will you I’m getting married when you conduct a marriage ceremony the pastor of a church so she has a good doctor certainly under the question was coming of us are one of a reason my why my went back to that day when she was four years old and I said you can you you’ll have to run up but she’s very much a grown-up woman she made a very adult decisions asked me to perform her way of course I did because a lover I love her and I loved the managers Mary and wanted to bless that marriage in the best way to it in that motivated me to make changes in my life because I love so to find your promise life is based on love.

But enough about me how about you how about you what role does the fuel of love play in motivating you to make changes in your life follow your own pathway to your promise your life of peace and prosperity and purpose by the way to prosperity party when I say peace prosperity and purpose has to with this whole family relationship stuff here prosperity means in those relationships that we had is fulfilling any adding value to clients totally do I invite you to write it down make a point of lifting up in your own life the power of those loving relationships and how that motivates you to make those changes in your life to get better for me and my daughter asked me to make perform her wedding ceremony and a profound changes in my life go back episode one you hear about an immediate world was the difference because I promised my daughter and promised myself that helps me part of enhancing her making her life better given her the best day ever that I could and to be a part of growing in my life than to serve her life to serve others.

Please ever the purpose of the pathway to promise podcast is all about acknowledging that every person has a God-given promise life of peace prosperity and purpose and when the ways we get there is through loving relationships like to learn more about this please be content with drbradmiller.com you can also get a hold of us at Twitter and Facebook can YouTube relisten to you were lucky we want love to be an important part of our relationship together moving forward you go to our website pathway promise set, nearly got a free gift for you it helps to frame your day for success is called the four-minute way to frame your day for success going on over there and it’s a free gift for a good resource to use down to do a morning ritual in an evening ritual that will quickly help frame the day for success.

If you like what you hear on the pathway to promise podcast is acid is available please subscribe in whatever way you’re listening to his iTunes Google play stitcher whatever and then you can gratis five-star ratings are always appreciated to be honest I feel that if you will be so kind please write a review liner to what you think is hopeful to you or not and if you will please just password to your friends neighbors people you love in your life if this is awful to you in the future will have interviews with authors and leaders and teachers who help tell their stories of how they moved to their life overcoming adversities in their life to achieve their own personal promise life you can check out our other foundational series of podcast messages about the pathway to promise and episodes 001 my story about my dads a lot experience it was 0002 about having a bold action bias in your life 003 which is all about drawing on that power greater than ourselves and then 005 the pocket is observed up to me after this all about living with self-discipline. We’ll be the right week we look forward to being contact with you again soon until next time this is Dr. Brad Miller inviting you to continue to enjoy to know that there is power in the promise kept.

marriage your kids your parents the people who are close to your good friends that which we might describe as a loving relationship which is the motivating fuel for our journey to achieve our promise life.

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