How To Turn Your Upside Down Life Right Side Up

In this episode, Dr Brad Miller talks about how to take your upside-down

 life and turn it right side up. He will tell stories of people whose lives were in turmoil but who were able to get their lives back.

In a recent interview with Neil Twa, Dr Brad Miller learns how to build a lifestyle business to serve your lifestyle instead of having a lifestyle that serves your business. This came from a man who experienced numerous life adversities, things like divorce, health issues, bankruptcy, losing business, and many more.

Dr Brad Miller talks about the TV series show Stranger Things. The story, in summary, is about 11 kids banding together to fight the upside-down world where monsters, terror, and negativity reside.

Dr Brad Miller tells the story of when he went kayaking with his family. Before kayaking, their group leader says that if their kayak turns upside down, they need to keep pushing, don’t panic, and keep working on getting themselves right-side up.

He also tells the story in the bible, where a paralyzed man wanted to see Jesus to be healed. But because of his circumstances, he can’t do it alone. So his friends helped him and brought him to Jesus, where his sins were forgiven and healed.

For you to turn your upside-down life to right-side up, you need to face the reality of your situation, build a connection with people around to support you, and lastly, keep your faith going.

Episode 250 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is in a situation where life is upside-down. Those who are looking for stories of people who manage to turn their life right-side up.

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