139. How to Survive and Thrive After a Business Partnership Collapses with David Branderhorst

David Branderhorst’s life was cruising along with a successful business endeavor when a series of adverse events came at him rapid fire.

In the midst of the Covid crisis his mother became sick and lost her life, his wife lost her job and his long-time business partnership dissolved suddenly and painfully threatening his very livelihood.

How David Branderhorst survived and thrived beyond this series of adverse events is the story that Dr. Brad Miller unpacks on Episode number 139 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast.

David Branderhorst describes for Dr. Brad how this series of adverse events was a gut check time for him personally and for his family and how he had to choose whether to collapse and give up under the pressure (as he had seen many others do) or to see the series of adversities as an opportunity for tremendous growth and an opportunity to redefine his life.

David described to Dr. Brad his love of the true nature of business itself which is to solve problems and serve people.

He talked about the four words from God which guided him in this transformation…” I Am Your Source” and then proceeded to share with Dr. Brad his process of creating a new business of coaching others who similarly are looking to become the person God created them to be.

He outlined a process based on a profound belief in calling, being persistent in your pursuit, and defining your outcome as keys to developing a God-honoring business.

He calls this process “Design, Launch and Grow” which he details at https://davidbranderhorst.com/.

This is a great comeback story that will serve well those facing adverse conditions in their business life.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is produced weekly by Dr. Brad Miller with the purpose of helping people navigate debilitating adverse life events (Death, Debt, Disease, Divorce, Depression) and emerge to a renewed life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

March 2021

Dr. Brad Miller



David Branderhorst Transcript