How To Grow Through What You Go Through: Implementing the A.C.T.S. Plan.

On Episode 165 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast Dr Brad Miller shares his personal story of why he produces the Beyond Adversity Podcast; in particular he talks about the fear of ruining his daughters wedding.

Brad outlines the 5 D’s of Adversity:

  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Debt
  • Disease
  • Death

Brad then teaches about the A.C.T.S. Plan to crush adversity:

  • A-Action
  • C-Connecting to Higher Power
  • T-Think with Discipline
  • S-Serve others with love

Brad goes on to commit to “the good people” of the “Beyond Adversity” audience his commitment to teach and bring in as guests great teachers and experts on the processes and strategies people can implement to navigate adverse life events and achieve a life of peace, prosperity and purpose.