PTP:070. “7 Daily Choices” with Dow Tippett

In Episode 070 of the “Pathway to Promise Podcast”, Dr. Brad Miller has an in-depth interview with the author of “7 Daily Choices”, Dow Tippett. After 25 years of Christian ministry, Dow suddenly lost his position as a church pastor; around the same time, he lost a close personal friend to death. These were among the adversities that Dow had to overcome which led him focus on a career as an author, public speaker, and course creator and coach. His book “7 Daily Choices” is designed to nurture marriages.

Dow speaks to Dr. Brad about the importance of having an hour a day of scripture reading, prayer, and devotion.   His advice to overcome adversity is to keep moving in your life which is informed by his life as an expert in the martial arts.

He talks about how important to have accountability partners, and people to encourage you as well as to be part of supportive groups of people. He believes that we weren’t meant to overcome our adversity alone.

In his book, “7 Daily Choices”, Dow outlines seven choices to strengthening a marriage, which focuses on qualities of vulnerability, awareness, safety, honesty, forgiveness, integrity and submission. He puts particular emphasis on submission as a means by which the strong, surrender to others in order to achieve awareness and people to dignity which builds up a healthy relationship.  Take time to listen to others will make a tremendous influence on building healthy relationships and be a means to overcome adversity.

Episode 070 is a great opportunity to learn a lesson from a man who has great insight into the power of healthy relationships to overcome adversity in your life and in particular to strengthen the relationship of marriage.

The purpose of the “Pathway to Promise” podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is to encourage and give hope and to folks to help them overcome adversity to achieve their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

July 2019

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