PTP:049. In The Long Run

049.In The Long Run

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pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller,

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Episode Number 49 in the long run

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Hello again good people and welcome to the pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller. awesome to have you join me today as we bring you to you a word of encouragement and hope to your life on a regular basis. Here on the pathway to promise podcast we’re all about helping you overcome the adversities in your life to achieve your promise life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. If you want to know more and more about us to head over to our website, pathway There you can find back episodes or the pathway to promise podcast

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With some life lessons and also some great interviews with people who have overcome adversity in their lives to have success, we also have a free gift for you there that will help you have success in your life and achieve peace in your life.

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In the long run,

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Dr. Norman Vincent peel, the author of the power of positive thinking and many other books and works on helping to have a great dreams and positive outlook on life was a long time pastor

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had a great career as a pastor of a church.

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And he told a story about a older woman in his congregation. 79 years old,

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who he went to visit in the hospital and she had been struck by a car in a hit and run, accident hit hit run situation she was badly

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In fact, she was expected to die.

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He eventually visited her when she was in the road to recovery in her home.

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And he found are still in a cast that, you know, plaster and cast that was

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covered that was up to

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extension of both of her legs and her torso. She was

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a mess in terms of her injuries,

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and the founder in her

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in a room

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where she had lots of little metals from her life.

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He saw a child’s drawing of Horus and some pictures on the shelves, and a lot of books that had been a well read

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many of them about poetry

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then on one shelf,

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relatively near to where she was laying down. There was a shelf full of brand new books.

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Really the only newer items in the room everything else had some age and to it.

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And some of them were still in wrapping or head price tags on them this type of thing.

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And Dr. Peele said to her,

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do you enjoy reading the poetry of these books here.

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And when she said she said, I love poetry, but haven’t read those yet.

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Never face lit up. She said, I’m saving them from my old age.

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And indeed, that was the case.

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She went on knowledge not only to read those books many times, but she didn’t die until she was 91 years old. 12 years or so.

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After this event occurred, and when she died, she was planning on a trip to Europe with some friends.

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The writer Louis Tresco put the sense of a long term dream this way in your heart, keep one still secret spot where dreams may go, and shelter so may thrive and grow.

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This woman

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kept her dreams alive

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and they kept her alive.

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Friends, I want to invite you to keep your dreams alive, whatever they are, you may have submerged them deeply.

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But in the long run, you can make progress and achieve your goals. If you keep at it, and keep an attitude of in the long run, that this can happen. I invite you to have a sense of making progress in life.

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could not be too debilitated or setback, by an injury or an accident in the moment or circumstances or things that are beyond your control. But keep moving. Keep going forward. Keep a larger picture in mind, keep a greater goal in mind of what you want to accomplish.

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I believe in my life and your life, we all have God given great dreams.

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Dreams, what I call the promise life, that is your life a peace, prosperity and purpose. A place where you have peace, the peace of mind, of knowing you’re in a good place and mentally and emotionally

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where you have

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where you have profitability in the sense of having all that you need in life, not lacking not for want

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and that you have a purpose that is a direction in your life. That is a sense of of value.

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That you add to others. That’s what gives us a sense of meaning fullness in life. Because so many of us experience a sense of meaning less ness and life.

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And meaninglessness often occurs when we see things only in the short term, see things only under present circumstances.

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But the power of the long run in the long run, is that there is a bigger thing and greater thing to contribute. What is it for you?

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Is it

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writing a book? Is it traveling the world? It is buying a new home? Is it getting married? Is it having a great relationship with your grandchildren?

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Whatever it is, don’t let those dreams go. Keep making progress and when you have setbacks, just see it for what they are temporary setbacks that you can keep going striving towards your dreams. And always leader either literally or metaphorically.

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Have that shelf of new books, ready to go? Something ready for what’s next.

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This is one of the secrets really friends of having a

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life that has meaningfulness in his life and your life is have a sense of longing for what’s next. And I want to encourage you to seek that out in your life.

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If we can be helpful here at the pathway to promise podcasts we want to do just that. You can check out our website pathway promised calm, I have a free gift for you there that might be helpful to you. And we have our back episode. So the pathway promise podcast, which can be helpful to you as well to help encourage you and to give a word of hope into your life, and to help you overcome adversity to achieve your life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. We’ll see you next time on the pathway to promise podcasts with Dr. Brad Miller. Until then, remember

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Keep your promises because there’s power in a promise kept

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