PTP:048. Believe It Or Not!

PTP:048. Believe It Or Not! with Dr. Brad Miller

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Hello, good people. And welcome to the pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller it’s an honor, a privilege, a joy to have you join me today, as we continue to speak a word of hope into your life and encouragement to help you overcome adversity. To achieve your life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. You can always find out more about us at pathway promise. com, we’ve got a free gift for you there, four minute way to frame your day for success. And you can listen to back episodes of the pathway to promise where we got a lot of great guests who share their insights into helping you overcome adversity, to achieve your promise life. I believe that you can have I believe that you can have your promise life which is alive when you’ve overcome adversity and where you now have a place where you have a sense of calm of peace of purpose of place. That’s what we all want, isn’t it? The Bible is sometimes called that the promised land, the place where we journey through adversity to achieve your goal, or your final destination of a place of peace. But you in order to get there friends, you got to believe it. You gotta really believe it, then you gotta work for it. It’s a story about a community where the drought in this farm community had really impacted the crops really badly. And it was bad. No rain for a long time. hot, dry. folks were getting desperate, their crops were burning up in the fields. And one Sunday, the pastor of the small church in the community said there isn’t anything that’s going to save us except to pray for rain. So he told his parishioners go home, believe and come back next Sunday ready to thank God for sending rain. So the people did what they were told and return they went home and they prayed and and they returned to church the following Sunday. But as they came in, as soon as the pastor saw them, he was furious. He was mad. He said, we can’t worship the day, you do not believe. But the people said we prayed and we believed. Believe, said the pastor, then where are your umbrellas? I think that story applies to all of us. Because sometimes we say we believe but maybe we really don’t. And we really don’t because we leave our umbrellas at home. That is we haven’t taken the proper action. To follow up with our belief. We are we’re just kind of in that, you know, hope against hope or wish against wish and, and just not really, truly believing in our core that good things going to happen to us. We don’t expect much. So we get little Am I want I want to share with you today, Francis, pray big dreams, but work hard towards it. And believe that your belief and your prayers will bear fruit. Many of us as expect our dreams and our desires will just pass us by as if we were just going through kind of going through the motions. And other people have belief and expectation and good things happen. So my my question to you today, Francis, what approach you want to go for you want to go through the motions? And that really believe that good things can happen to you? Or do you want to live in a land of belief? Work hard towards achieving it? That doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to us? Of course they do. We have you know, we have a death of a loved one. We have terrible disease, we have financial problems, all kinds of stuff can happen to us that circumstances. But I’m talking about a deep abiding deep down belief that you really truly believe and have faith that will happen. But it really doesn’t happen friends unless we work hard for it too. So my question to you Do you believe it

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or not?

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And it’s so will you bring your umbrella. We are here at the pathway to promise podcast to help you with your belief. To give you reasons to believe that you can overcome whatever adversity strikes your life. And to get better, not better, but get better. And so we are here to be helpful you guys check out our website pathway promise calm. And check us check out our back episodes of the pathway to promise podcasts it can be helpful to you to help you develop a plan and a strategy and help you be encouraged. Have a word of hope in your life and encouragement to understand you can overcome whatever adversity in your life to achieve your promise life of peace, prosperity and purpose. We’ll see you next time here on the pathway to promise podcasts with Dr. Brad Miller In the meantime, please please remember to keep your promises because there’s power in a promise kept

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