PTP:047.Decider in Chief

PTP:047.Decider in Chief

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Hello again, good people and welcome to the pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller where it is our mission. It is our purpose, to be an encourager in your life, to be a purveyor of hope to help you overcome any adversity that you have to achieve success, what we call the promise life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. And we do so by telling great stories, like today’s story called decider in chief. And by interviewing and talking with great leaders, who have strategies and who have overcome adversity in their own lives, and they have lessons to teach us. You can check all that out at our website, pathway promise com, we got a free gift for you there for a minute way to frame your day for success. You can check that out. You can also check us out at iTunes, and on Facebook slash pathway promise today decider in chief. Joseph Henry was a great American scientists who was one of the initial people to start what we now know as the Smithsonian Institute, that great incredible Museum in Washington, DC and all the things connected to that, which are all about discovery and scientific movement, and things that improve our life. And he tells a story about how he was greatly influenced in his life to achieve great things in his life. by an incident that happened when he was a child. He grew up in a rather poor, poor household. They didn’t have a lot. Clothing, it’s hard to come by and particularly shoes are hard to come by. If you ever got shoes, they’re mostly hand me downs, even that kind of wear. Once a year or so maybe to get a pair of shoes or a new pair of shoes was almost unheard of until one Christmas. Joseph was told by his grandmother, his grandmother had for his Christmas gift had paid to have a cobbler make him a new pair of shoes, a shoemaker, a cobbler in his neighborhood there was this was astounding to Joseph, this was an incredible gift. This was something he was amazed by. And he was just so overjoyed. But he said why, but he wanted to know what to do this the right way because he knew that he might not have had had not have another new pair of shoes for a long time. So he went to the cobbler and Acaba did what a cobbler does, measured at his feet and talk asked him about the his the types of shoes that he could have, that he could make for him. And essentially, the cobbler said to Joseph, there’s two basic types of shoes here that you can choose from. There’s a rounded toe shoe. And then there is a square toe shoe, which was popular at the time. And this was amazing to little Joseph. He he just couldn’t decide which one he wanted around the toe or square toe. It seemed like such a huge decision. After all, this was probably going to be his only parachute is for a long time he was going to have to live in the shoes. The cover said, well, Joseph, take your time, take a couple days. Think about it. And then we’ll get started on your new shoes. Well, for a couple days, Joseph went into the coffee shop two or three times a day. Each time he was talking to the cobbler and looking at the designs for shoes, the round toe shoes, and the square toe shoes and he just couldn’t decide after all, you know, the round toe shoe seemed much seemed so practical for you know, going to school and doing his his chores and the things that he needed to do the round toed shoes, seeing the way to go but Oh, man, then again, those square toed shoes. They were cool. They were the fashion of the time. And that wouldn’t that be awesome? To be the guy with the square toe shoes and he and he gets into the thing about it procrastinate, go back and forth square toes round toes, what was he going to do? And he couldn’t make up his mind he he was kind of bug and you know bugging the heck out of the cobbler really, but he just couldn’t decide. He kept procrastinating. What I sometimes called prank procrastinating today, until the day after. Finally, on the third day after doing this process for two days.

On the third day he went back into the copper shop. And surprisingly, but joyfully the copper just handed him a shoe box wrapped in brown paper and said here’s your new shoes son of Joseph was met, he was just excited he raced on home. And he tore open the brown paper on the box and open up the shoe shoe box and the wrapping and there he found a beautiful pair of brown leather shoes. The right shoe had a rounded toe, and the left shoe had a square toe. Joseph learned a difficult lesson that day about decisions. If you don’t make decisions yourself, someone else is going to make your decision for you. And he learned if you want to have a full life. A full life comes when you take personal responsibility and for the choices that you make when you become your own decider. And chief. Friends, let me encourage you in your life to be your own decider and chief. Because there are always circumstances which happened in this world. There are circumstances which happened which are out of our control. And sometimes there are events that happened to us that are just bad events. You lose your job, you get a diagnosis of cancer, you have a divorce in the family. You have a loved one who passes away

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your deep in debt.

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All these things can happen to us and likely have at one time or another, if not they will. Your decision is how you deal with those things. But the thing is you need to make a decision. When you make a decision, you can then move forward from that point to what’s next. Yeah, they’re impacts of our decisions. And they can be great or they can be difficult at times. But if you don’t make a decision, life will happen. It will happen on your behalf. You need to take full responsibility 100% responsibility for what goes on in your life. And therefore that is one of the keys to having a life of peace, of prosperity and purpose. What we like to call the promised life. You can find out more about the promise life by going to our website, pathway And there you can find back episodes. With lots of great teaching on the pathway to promise podcast and some other opportunities to learn more. You can check out our free gift we have for you the four minute way to frame your day to going to be with you. Tune in again next time to pathway to promise podcast we’ll have more stories hope to influence and empower your life to help you overcome adversity to achieve your promise life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. Until next time, this is Dr Brad Miller encouraging you to keep your promises because there’s power and a promise kept

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