PTP.041: 8 Free Ways to Improve Your Relationships

PTP.041: 8 Free Ways to Improve Your Relationships

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pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller episode number 41. Eight free ways to improve your personal relationships.

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Hi, this is Kevin Murphy, author of the three rooms where I help people change your thoughts to change your life. You’re connected to the pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller helping you overcome adversity to find your promise life Miller

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Bradley’s every person has a god given promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose, and that you must have a plan and a guide to get there. The pathway to promise podcast Not only is your guide through the wilderness of depression and disappointment that stand between you and your promise life, but also brings you insights and direction from inspiring successful thought leaders who have transformed their lives. Welcome to the pathway to promise now here’s Brad Hello, good people. And welcome to the pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller What an honor and a privilege it is for you to join me today. I’m here to offer some encouragement and hope in your life, hopefully to give you some tools to help you overcome adversity, and to find a pathway in your life to peace, prosperity, and purpose today, where we’re sharing an episode, which is also can be found on our new YouTube channel pathway to promise YouTube, you can find it there. And so you’ll hear some references to YouTube on this audio here. I think you can understand that. So appreciate your intelligence with that. If you want to find out more about me and about what we do here in pathway to promise head on over to pathway, our blog and a web page where there are website there. And there you can also pick up the resource to free resource the four minute way to frame your day for success. I think you’ll enjoy it and find it helpful. So right now, let’s get into the teaching that can be helpful to you to overcome adversity in your life right now. Hello, good people. And welcome to the pathway to promise YouTube channel with Dr. Brad Miller that’s me, I’m here to be an encouragement and a hope purveyor in your life and help you to overcome adversity. To achieve your promise life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. Today, we’re talking about eight free things you can do to feel better about others, eight free things to do to help you feel good about other people. So we’re going to get into that just a second, just remember that we are all about being helpful to you. If you if you think we’re helpful, please go ahead and subscribe to our channel. And, you know, give us a thumbs up and all that good stuff and tell others about it soon. So we could be helpful to others. And you can always find out more at pathway promise dot com. Eight free things that can make you feel better, don’t cost you anything but a little bit of energy. Here they are simple checklist. First one is the gift of listening to get the listening. In our world where we have incredible distractions. YouTube is one of them. You know your height, your phone, your TV, the honking horns, a job, they everything, your kids can all be a distraction, because it’s all pulling at your time pulling your energy and we have all kinds of things, all kinds of messages coming at us. But if you have someone in your life that’s important to you, if you take a moment to truly listen to them, look them in the eyes. Look when the eyes, you know, square up your body to them, and listen to them. Even for just a couple minutes, it makes a world of difference. They will feel valued. And guess what you will be listening to as well. seek first to understand, then you’ll be understood is one of the keys to effective living Stephen Covey talks about. So take time to listen, don’t interrupt, don’t do anything. Just listen. That’s number one listening. The second one is the gift of affection. Now, let me just say a word about the gift of affection is just being especially a loved one in your life. Your spouse, your kids, your parents, people you care about your friends is tell them that you like them, tell them that you love them. And if it’s appropriate, you know hugs and kisses to your wife or to your spouse, pat on the back to your kids Good job.

small little actions that show affection, affection Now touch each other touch one another appropriately, you know, keep boundaries that need to be kept with with other people, but show signs of affection, it can be a good word in their life. So listening, a gift of affection. The third gift is the gift of laughter. And I just wanted to share with you if you laugh, it’s going to it’s going to be if you laugh and the other person laughs or if you tell them a joke or something like that. It’s going to be helpful. Okay? You know, there’s a lot of stuff that happens in, in our body and our, the chemical reactions in our body when we laugh. And if you laugh with other people together, it’s you know, it’s magnified. That’s why comedians you know, get such a charge out of making people laugh. And when people go to comedy shows, to enjoy and to be together to laugh with other people. If you can tell a joke or be laugh at yourself, that don’t laugh at the expense of other people, but laugh with them, you’re gonna have a lot of fun together. You know, tell funny stories tell stories about your family from the past. And, and and guess what, one of the things will happen is somebody will say something, you know what I’ll love to laugh with you, we’d laugh together that special when you laugh together, guess where I wish I had a really good Good, good joke to tell you. But I don’t write down maybe I’ll come up with one by the end of our time together. The third, the fourth thing, the fourth thing is the gift of solitude. Now, what I mean by that, this has to do with the kind of the listening gift as well. When we listen and discern what’s going on with other people. There are times when people want to be left alone. And we don’t want to invade their space, you know, something the gift of affection, we are in people’s space oftentimes by a hug or, or some sign of affection. But the solitude gift is one where sometimes people need to be left alone. And we need to be sensitive to those times give people space, don’t interrupt, don’t invade their space, and give people the gift of solitude. Okay. So number five is the gift of kindness or favor. This is actions that we can take, go out of your way to do something kind for somebody else, acts of kindness, random acts of kindness can be done to strangers on the street. And other kinds of acts can be done to your family and your friends. But it is giving a good word to them. It’s being kind holding the door for somebody being the one who goes out to Starbucks to get the coffee to bring it back to the other people in the office, do kind act and kindness will be returned to you. It’s a reciprocal relationship. And I just encourage you to do just that. To be a kind person, every day, go out and do something kind and you will be blessed. It’s a good thing. The fifth thing, or the Yeah, the fifth thing is the gift is sort of like the gift of kindness. But it’s putting in a tangible ways to give a written note. Okay, you have to have a written note. I was cleaning out some boxes my office earlier to earlier today I came across a note that somebody wrote me probably 25 years ago, saying how much they appreciate me appreciated me. And it gave me a good warm feeling about that person it was 25 years ago when that happened. But I kept that note for a reason because it made me feel good. Guess what happens when you write someone else’s note. It makes them feel good. It doesn’t have to be a birthday. It doesn’t have to be, you know, Christmas or some special occasion. It’s even better when it’s not a special occasion. Just because you appreciate somebody writing a note. Now it can be an email, the chorus or could be a text message, or some sort of sort of online message like a Twitter direct, direct message. Those are cool. But you know what nothing really is as awesome as getting that card in the mail. Or that thank you note and just do it. You’d be surprised if you do this one time a week to somebody in your life. Write them a note, write them a card, you’ll be surprised what the impact it has in your life. Write a written note. The seventh of the one thing we do is have a free thing that we can do is be is give somebody the gift of a compliment. The spoken word is a powerful thing. A powerful thing. And that is what

when you give somebody a word, that’s a compliment. Hey, you did a good job today on the project. Hey, way to go on your presentation. Hey, good job, son or daughter at school. And hey, wife, you look beautiful today. Compliment people and how they look or color people what they have done accomplished. Don’t overdo it. Just be appropriate in this. be simple. Be sincere. Be to the point. It’s, you know, you’ve cooked a good meal today. It guess what when you do that, when you come some compliments somebody you heard the term it makes their day? It does. It does. So the third the the last one here, the eighth gift that you can give somebody is one of the most important ones and has to do with your attitude. Have a good attitude, have a pleasant disposition. You can choose to do this everybody, you can choose it. Everybody has bad things happen to them. We all have gone through some bad thing. You know, you lose our job, we have a bad diagnosis. The doctor, we have a financial reversal. Our dog gets sick, I happened to me last week it cost me $1,000 to get my dog veterinarian bills last week. Things happen. We don’t have to go bad with them. We don’t have to get better, we can get better. And it’s a choice we make to have a cheerful disposition. So the easiest way to feel good in your life is to choose to feel good and treat each other as they feel good to make them happy. Hey, thought about a good day joke. Remember the the deal about the gift of laughter? Here it is. I used to do the hokey pokey. But I turned myself around. That’s a bad dad joke. I got a ton of them. Let me tell you. This is Dr. Brad Miller and we are here on the pathway to promise YouTube channel to be helpful to you to help you to give practical tools to be encouraged to have hope in your life and to live a life that is on a pathway to peace, prosperity, and purpose. You can find out more at our website pathway promise com that’s where our that’s one of the places where our podcasts, the pathway to promise podcasts lives. And we’re here to be helpful to you. Please like and subscribe and all that good stuff. And keep a keep with us as we can be helpful to you Dr. Brad Miller good people will see you next time and remember to keep your promises because there’s power in a promise kept. Thanks so much for taking the pathway to promise but Dr. Brad Miller as a subscriber, you’ll be a vital part of the pathway to promise community visit us on the web at pathway until next time, remember to stay on your pathway to promise

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