PTP.024:Kim Albrecht – Helping Young People with Disabilities Transition to Adulthood

Kim Albrecht from is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 024 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast.  The purpose of (which stands for Land Of Milk And Honey) is to provide inspiration, information, and networking for parents and caregivers of young people with disabilities facing adulthood.

Kim shares with Brad how the birth of a daughter with autism and other disabilities impacted how she and her husband do life as a family and motivated her to find and share as much information as possible about issues regarding parenting of young people with disabilities with a particular eye towards helping young people with disabilities adjust to living as adults.  She does so by publishing a podcast, articles and blogging at

Kim outlines for Brad many of the challenges and joys associated with parenting children with disabilities.   She goes on to tell Brad how important it is to overcome fear and anger and submit to praise and joy to get families on a pathway to the promised land of a safe, good productive adult life for young people with disabilities.

She says that the most important thing she does is nurture her relationship with God and move day to day in obedience to God with small daily acts of obedience.

She also talked about the importance of mentors, friends and accountability partners to support the family of children with disability.

  • Kim speaks to her background as a gymnastics coach for practical disciplines for parenting children with disabilities.  They include:
  • Concentrate on the basics such as journaling, being a part of a faith community and Bible study
  • Take everything day to day and look for wins.
  • Face fear and do it anyway
  • Teach progression…look for regular progress.
  • Verbal Cues. Verbally praise and call attention to progress made with your children.
  • Remember.  Concentrate on remembering best practices for parenting your children.

Kim states that she is peace when in step w/ the spirit and her purpose is to glorify god.

Episode 024 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast is a moving story of a woman overcoming the adversity of parenting a child with disability who is motivated to find her promised life by serving the community of people who find themselves in similar circumstances.

The purpose of the Pathway to Promise Podcast is sharing the belief that every person has a God-giving promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and you find that promised life with the help of guides who help you overcome adversity to achieve that promised life.  Dr. Brad Miller publishes the Pathway to Promise Podcast weekly where he teaches about life transformation and interviews guests with great stories of life transformation.

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July 2018

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