PTP.021: Jerome Daley “Monk in the Marketplace”

PTP.021: Jerome Daley- “Monk in the Market Place”

Jerome Daley is a leadership coach and culture consultant who is passionate about helping leaders thrive…and build thriving organizational cultures.

Jerome Daley is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 021 of the Pathway to Promise podcast.  Jerome tells Dr. Brad about his pivotal transition point in his life when after spending 10 years as a successful local church pastor he felt his life was not personally thriving and that his marriage and his kids got his leftovers and that he had to do something about that. Jerome chose to take a sabbatical of several weeks which stretched into more than a year of soul-searching, contemplation, and writing. Jerome discovered the power of transforming his inner life to be better engaged with his outer life and that’s what he teaches now as he works with individuals and organizations to build a culture that thrives and not deprive.  Jerome reveals to Dr. Brad several learnings from his time apart which he now incorporates into intentional acts in his personal life and it is teaching they include:

-Disengaging from life to find a new space.

-Pulling back from a path you are following in order to find a new path

-Looking for new opportunities when you reflect on crisis and turbulence that is at hand.

Jerome is a real advocate of finding times of quiet and solitude to let the hard drive of your brain spin down in order to recalibrate and rejuvenate so one performs better when you re-engage in your life; be in the family of the workplace.

Jerome rediscovered spiritual practices from studying Catholic writers and spiritual leaders and now applies spiritual practices such as the following into his daily life:

-Paying attention. This is focusing on the matter at hand without distraction.

-Welcome prayer. This is accepting and receiving God’s security for your life.

-Centering prayer. Which is seeking to quiet the mind and the voice and to accept stillness as a means to connect with a higher power of the Holy Spirit to refresh.

Jerome talks to Dr. Brad about his book “Monk in the Marketplace” which is where he applies the capacity to disengage is a vital part of making individuals and organizations effective when they do engage in them to thrive in achieving their mission.

Jerome tells Dr. Brad that his purpose is to equip and encourage leaders and organizations to transform into effective thriving people and organizations.

The purpose of the Pathway to Promise podcast is to provide guidance for people to transform from a life of meaninglessness to a life of meaningfulness and help people accept their God-given promised of life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.  Dr. Brad Miller has spent a lifetime working with personal life and organizational transformation and hold a doctoral degree in transformational leadership.  Each week Dr. Brad Miller teaches and brings great guests to help guide people to overcome life challenges to achieve their promised life of peace prosperity and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

June 2018

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