PTP.013: The Two Best Ways To Solve Your Identity Crisis

PTP.013: The Two Best Ways To Solve Your Identity Crisis

In Episode 013 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast Dr. Brad Miller explores the issue of identity crisis. In particular, Dr. Brad teaches a lesson adapted from the book “The 8th Habit” by Steven Covey about the problem of personal identity crisis that is prevalent in the life of many people and a two-fold solution to this issue.

The solution centers on establishing your personal voice to find your identity and claim your destiny.

The first part of the solution is to find your “voice.” Your voice is your unique personal significance. This is found when you choose greatness over mediocrity. You can discover your “voice” by reclaiming your birthrights of the power of choice, claiming the power of ancient wisdom and cultivating natural intelligence. finding your voice is choosing the creative nature of ourselves as an important first step in solving your identity crisis.

The second part of the solution after you find your voice is to share your voice. Expressions of with others are manifested in vision, discipline, passion, and conscious action.

Dr. Brad uses stories from his personal life to illustrate the two-fold solution of finding and sharing your “voice” to establish one’s identity and claim your destiny.

Following Dr. Brad’s teaching, Scott Maderer from Christian makes a guest appearance teaching about a claiming the promise of financial freedom.

The Pathway to Promise Podcast exists to serve people looking to overcome adversity to achieve success in life. It is based the belief that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and that you must follow a proven pathway through adversity to arrive at that promised life.

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