“Turning a Life around with Podcasting: The Journey to Recovery From Alcoholism and Building a Meaningful Career” with Larry Roberts from Red Hat Media

By Brad Miller | Jul 13, 2023

Larry Roberts is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode ___ of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”Larry is the founder of Red Hat Media.An industry-leading agency dedicated to building better brands through the power of podcasting. Red Hat Media provides professional, done-for-you podcast services that give brands a unique and cost-effective way to engage their audience, establish…

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Disconnects and Discoveries: Navigating the Intersection of Martial Arts and Ballet with Cheryl Ilov the Author of Forever Fit and Flexible and the Creator of TheFemiNinjaProject Prodcast

By Brad Miller | Jun 29, 2023

Cheryl Ilov’s Forever Fit & Flexible Program is an integration of the science of physical therapy with the art of movement. Her unique approach to fitness focuses on building a strong foundation of internal muscular activation, structural alignment, muscle elongation, joint mobility, and spine strength while truly engaging the power of the body-mind connection. In this…

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100 Acts Of Love: A Guide to Loving Your Friend Through Cancer or Loss with Kim Hamer

By Brad Miller | Jun 23, 2023

In this episode, Kim shared her incredible story of how she overcame the adversity of her husband’s death after a long fight with cancer and how her experience helped her be an expert in HR. The story started normally with Kim and her husband, a young couple raising three kids and living happily as any…

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“From Gangs to First Responders: A Story of Transformation” The Story of Dr. Reynolds Kairus

By Brad Miller | Jun 8, 2023

Reynolds is a medical doctor with a medical doctorate and the CEO of XR Consulting Group. XR Consulting Group is a New York-based Healthcare and Human Capital Development company. Their mission is to provide professional services to government agencies, private enterprises, nongovernmental organizations, and nonprofit organizations all around the world. In this episode, Reynolds shared…

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From Death Sentence to Dulcimer Meditation with Kevin Roth the Author of “Between the Notes: Practical Ways to Find Your Inner Groove and Dance to a Beat That Makes Your Heart Sing”

By Brad Miller | Jun 2, 2023

Kevin is a musician that specialises in the instrument Appalachian Dulcimer. He is also a life coach and the author of the book Between the Notes: Practical Ways to Find Your Inner Groove and Dance to a Beat That Makes Your Heart Sing. In this episode, Kevin shared her journey to finding true success and…

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Overcoming Trauma: How Yoga Helped Kathy White Through Grief and Loss

By Brad Miller | May 25, 2023

In this episode, Kathy shared her tragedy of losing a child at birth and how she overcame her grief with the help of yoga.  When Kathy was in her 30’s, she gave birth to a child; unfortunately, he died. This life-changing tragedy leaves Kathy’s life in the dark as she grieves her child’s loss. But…

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From Teen Mom to Successful Coach: One Woman’s Journey” with Leslie Holthoff author of “Not Mary, Not Roe: The Survival Story of a Reluctant Teen Mom

By Brad Miller | May 18, 2023

Leslie is a CDC-certified Divorce coach and CDC Transition and Recovery Coach. She is also the author of Not Mary Not Roe and the owner of Leslie Hope Coaching, LLC. Leslie Hope Coaching, LLC has the mission to guide people from the pain of divorce to finding hope and happiness in life. With the hope…

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From Tragedy to Poetry: How Writing Can Help Process Grief and Adversity with Patricia B. Schoeler the Author of “Grief Hurts”

By Brad Miller | May 11, 2023

Pat is a professional in the field of writing and poetry. She has written three books, namely, The Day America Cried!: So Many Innocents Died 9-11-01, Reflections On Life: Pocket Philosophy, and her latest book, Grief Hurts. In this episode, Pat shared the 9/11 tragedy and how it led her to write her first book,…

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From Dancing with Michael Jackson to Relationship Coach Helping Men and Women to Understand One Another through Gender Intelligence with Andre Paradis

By Brad Miller | May 4, 2023

Andre is a relationship coach and is the president of Project Equinox. Project Equinox’s mission is to clear the misunderstanding between men and women by teaching the concept of gender intelligence. When both parties understand each other’s perspective, that is the only time respect and understanding communication form, a vital component in any relationship. In…

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How New Mom’s Can Recover From Depletion with Alena Turley

By Brad Miller | Apr 28, 2023

Alena is a holistic mentor for mothers, a podcaster, and a content creator. She is also the founder of Soul Mama Hub, a small community of mothers to support each other. She offers a program called “Lionlife Roadmap” to help mothers overcome their feeling of exhaustion to recharge their health and well-being. Plus, Alena spearheaded the…

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