“The Power of Pain to Change Your Life” by Dr. Brad Miller

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is all about affirming that every person has a God-given promised a life of peace, wealth, and purpose and that you must implement a plan with the right people to quickly overcome life’s problems in order to obtain that promised life.

In this episode, Dr. Brad imparts his knowledge on the ability of the discomfort of being stuck to accomplish any objectives.

He also talks about some of his most recent guests, who revealed some of the plans and procedures they used to break free from their impasses.

Additionally, Dr. Brad related some of his own experiences with being both metaphorically and physically stuck.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast Episode 230 is a must-listen for anyone setting new goals. It may appear to be a big undertaking, but it will allow you to consider your future self and how you want them to be. The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.



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00:00:00 Dr Brad Miller

And hello again, good people and Welcome to Beyond Adversity With Doctor Brad Miller. In this podcast, we look to help you to navigate adverse life conditions and come to a place of peace and prosperity and purpose.

00:00:15 Dr Brad Miller

Thank you for the privilege of coming into your life through your ears today.

00:00:19 Dr Brad Miller

Whatever you're doing, taking a walk, enjoying the family, exercising whatever you're doing, it's a privilege for me to be there as I come to you from the Home Loft studios just outside of Indianapolis, IN here to speak a good word into your life.

00:00:36 Dr Brad Miller

Have you ever been?

00:00:38 Dr Brad Miller

I mean, truly and physically stuck in some predicament, or I mean, or physically in a place where you are stuck.

00:00:48 Dr Brad Miller

It's not a good feeling.

00:00:51 Dr Brad Miller

We're going to talk about being stuck here today on beyond adversity and the power of the pain of being stuck to achieve any goal.

00:00:59 Dr Brad Miller

I heard. I know that you are aware that this is the third of a three-part series.

00:01:06 Dr Brad Miller

Of messages that we've been having here about being stuck, we had a special guest with the Susie Hayes from susiehayesnow.com.

00:01:17 Dr Brad Miller

She talked about her book, FREED from Stuck!: Dare to Cross the Bridge Beyond Grief, Trauma and Self-Sabotage to Discover.

00:01:25 Dr Brad Miller

Lasting Change.

00:01:27 Dr Brad Miller

Now in episodes 260 and 261, and she laid out her plan and her process to help you get freed from being stuck.

00:01:36 Dr Brad Miller

And shall she got out of some really difficult circumstances herself and her.

00:01:41 Dr Brad Miller

She wrote her book about help you to get freed from stuck to achieve things in life.

00:01:46 Dr Brad Miller

And you got to do that.

00:01:48 Dr Brad Miller

I believe that, however, we can use the pain of being stuck perhaps to.

00:01:58 Dr Brad Miller

Encourage us in our life.

00:02:00 Dr Brad Miller

I'll get into that in just a moment. They want, you know, you can always go to Doctor Brad miller.com for over 260 episodes of this podcast, which are designed specifically to help you grow through what you go through.

00:02:14 Dr Brad Miller

You can head over to drbradmiller.com/40dayway to get on our mailing list.

00:02:19 Dr Brad Miller

To find out more about our programs and coaching that can be helpful to you.

00:02:25 Dr Brad Miller

Stuck being stuck.

00:02:30 Dr Brad Miller

I've had a couple of occasions when I felt physically stuck.

00:02:38 Dr Brad Miller

And it wasn't good.

00:02:40 Dr Brad Miller

It wasn't good.

00:02:41 Dr Brad Miller

Now I'm kind of a big guy.

00:02:44 Dr Brad Miller

I've always been heavy, but at certain times of my life, i've been a lot heavier than I am right now.

00:02:51 Dr Brad Miller

At times in my life, i've tipped the scales over 300 pounds.

00:02:55 Dr Brad Miller

One of those times when I was kind of on.

00:02:59 Dr Brad Miller

The heavier side, to be sure, we took our family to an amusement park.

00:03:04 Dr Brad Miller

Big, big, you know, theme Park near not too far from where we live called holiday World.

00:03:10 Dr Brad Miller

And our kids are two youngest at that time.

00:03:14 Dr Brad Miller

Our youngest is about 10, and our middle child, about 13 boys.

00:03:18 Dr Brad Miller

And with the practice on certain rides we went on, you know that the kids, the boys would go.

00:03:24 Dr Brad Miller

My wife and I, and usually the older one, would go with my sit with my wife and the younger one would sit with me.

00:03:30 Dr Brad Miller

And as this kind of how we work things on certain rides that we want, we did a lot of rides together.

00:03:37 Dr Brad Miller

And there was this usually is no big deal.

00:03:39 Dr Brad Miller

It's not a problem.

00:03:40 Dr Brad Miller

We wanted this one ride though.

00:03:41 Dr Brad Miller

Called the scrambler.

00:03:43 Dr Brad Miller

And you know.

00:03:44 Dr Brad Miller

It just does a whipping.

00:03:46 Dr Brad Miller

It's a a car that goes on a, you know, a vertical, not a vertical but a horizontal process whipping around, scrambling you up very, you know, in a high rate of speed.

00:03:59 Dr Brad Miller

The centrifugal force whips you around.

00:04:01 Dr Brad Miller

And my youngest son, about 10 years old.

00:04:03 Dr Brad Miller

The time was in the little car with me.

00:04:07 Dr Brad Miller

And to get into the little car we barely wedged in there, I barely wedged in there.

00:04:11 Dr Brad Miller

I mean, he his little body barely wedged in next to mine.

00:04:18 Dr Brad Miller

He was not comfortable and they put the bar, you know, the safety bar in front of us and they had to smoosh down on my gut to make it work.

00:04:26 Dr Brad Miller

And they put us too snugly in there, too, snugly into this place.

00:04:30 Dr Brad Miller

And the ride started and whipped us around and centrifugal force whipped us around in such a way that I was basically crushing my 10 year.

00:04:37 Dr Brad Miller

Old son and he was not happy about it.

00:04:41 Dr Brad Miller

I was uncomfortable.

00:04:42 Dr Brad Miller

It was bad.

00:04:43 Dr Brad Miller

And when the ride stopped, he was kind of mad at me and I was in pain and still stuck in.

00:04:51 Dr Brad Miller

This little car.

00:04:53 Dr Brad Miller

And he didn't know it.

00:04:55 Dr Brad Miller

And he was, you know, a little upset about it.

00:04:57 Dr Brad Miller

And my none of our family knew about it, but I found it humiliating that I found myself in that position that I was stuck in that position.

00:05:08 Dr Brad Miller

Around that same time, my daughter, who was.

00:05:12 Dr Brad Miller

Few years older than my two sons.

00:05:14 Dr Brad Miller

She and I went to a park where there was a cave and I said, hey, let's go through this cave together, cause I'd gone through it as a kid.

00:05:22 Dr Brad Miller

And what I didn't realize is that the last time I had gone through this cave was when I was about 12 years old, maybe 7.

00:05:30 Dr Brad Miller

Grade and now I'm an adult and I'm a much bigger guy than I was when I was 12 years old.

00:05:35 Dr Brad Miller

And she and I went through this cave, and there were parts of The Cave when you had to get down to your hands and knees and squeeze through these these tough passages in this cave to get through it.

00:05:46 Dr Brad Miller

And I found myself literally, at one point wedged in an area.

00:05:52 Dr Brad Miller

Where I was stuck for a few moments.

00:05:55 Dr Brad Miller

And my daughter was upset and she was crying.

00:05:57 Dr Brad Miller

Daddy, you're stuck, Daddy.

00:05:58 Dr Brad Miller

You're stuck.

00:05:59 Dr Brad Miller

And I managed to suck at my gut and get through the wedge of that cave.

00:06:03 Dr Brad Miller

Get out to the other side and breathe a sigh of relief.

00:06:06 Dr Brad Miller

But again, I was humiliated.

00:06:10 Dr Brad Miller

What I'm sure with you those painful moments about being overweight is because.

00:06:14 Dr Brad Miller

I'm that became an impetus.

00:06:17 Dr Brad Miller

For me to take some dramatic action, not too long after that when I decided, OK, i've tried various things.

00:06:25 Dr Brad Miller

I've had very little success, so I ended up having lost surgery and £100 a little over 10 months and it was probably one of the better.

00:06:36 Dr Brad Miller

Things i've ever done.

00:06:38 Dr Brad Miller

And uh, because it released me the pain of incidents like that of feeling physically stuck, let alone all the emotion on all the other nonsense that goes on when you're overweight, all the mental strain and all the humiliations. You know airplane seats are a challenge.

00:06:56 Dr Brad Miller

All kinds of things become a challenge.

00:06:58 Dr Brad Miller

They are not necessarily for other people challenge, but they work for.

00:07:02 Dr Brad Miller

And that pain of doing that gave me the incentive to take action because I wanted to have then the pleasure, as it were, as it were, of having what it meant to be not.

00:07:14 Dr Brad Miller

In that position to be able to go on a ride in amusement park with my son or anybody else and not feel self-conscious about crushing them or to go through a cave and feel OK about it or to, you know, in any number of circumstances about that.

00:07:28 Dr Brad Miller

And that's what I wanted.

00:07:29 Dr Brad Miller

Got and it also alleviates some physical health problems that were bogging me down at the time.

00:07:38 Dr Brad Miller

Big, big decision, major action that I took as a weight loss surgery.

00:07:44 Dr Brad Miller

And it was a good thing when why was it because of the pain that I felt?

00:07:51 Dr Brad Miller

Now a lot of people think pain is a bad.

00:07:53 Dr Brad Miller

It's certainly a pain is a sign of something's not right. But pain is also something that some people went then to submerge or to be in denial about.

00:08:02 Dr Brad Miller

And I want to encourage you, my good people here on beyond adversity, that the adversity serves a purpose.

00:08:09 Dr Brad Miller

And you can either be stuck in the malaise of mediocrity or you can.

00:08:14 Dr Brad Miller

Name the adversity.

00:08:15 Dr Brad Miller

Name the problem, name the pain, and then choose to navigate the wilderness to find a better place.

00:08:22 Dr Brad Miller

I like to call it the place of peace and prosperity and purpose.

00:08:26 Dr Brad Miller

You may recognize that kinda.

00:08:29 Dr Brad Miller

That image of a good place to be is like the the promised life.

00:08:35 Dr Brad Miller

I like to call it.

00:08:36 Dr Brad Miller

It's kind of the promised land of the Bible, where Moses took the children of Israel out of slavery, pain through the wilderness to the land of milk and honey.

00:08:46 Dr Brad Miller

But it took a long process.

00:08:47 Dr Brad Miller

They had to experience the pain, and there was lots of other problems along the way, and there was denial.

00:08:52 Dr Brad Miller

There was rejection.

00:08:54 Dr Brad Miller

There was adversity to face.

00:08:57 Dr Brad Miller

There was hunger.

00:08:58 Dr Brad Miller

There was all kinds of things that they had to go through.

00:09:01 Dr Brad Miller

You know, you think you, most of you know that I'm a retired pastor. And so these stories from the Bible and from people's faith Walk is an important one, that they help give us all some energy and sensibility.

00:09:12 Dr Brad Miller

That pain is not always a bad thing.

00:09:14 Dr Brad Miller

If we use it properly to motivate us to get out of the painful situation into something better.

00:09:22 Dr Brad Miller

I know that Jesus did this when he was in the garden of Jessamine, a painful place to be, and he was going to be, you know, rich, arrested and taken away, to be crucified.

00:09:34 Dr Brad Miller

And one of his best friends, his best followers, a guy named Peter.

00:09:41 Dr Brad Miller

And to Jesus, Peter, you're going to deny ME3. And Jesus said to Peter, you're gonna deny me three times. Peter said no way that's going to happen. And yet.

00:09:50 Dr Brad Miller

Those of us who know the story from John 18, Peter denied Jesus three times, pretend he didn't know Him three occasions after Jesus predicted it and Peter was humiliated and upset.

00:10:06 Dr Brad Miller

And he ended up in despair.

00:10:11 Dr Brad Miller

That's where you can go.

00:10:13 Dr Brad Miller

If you choose to, you can go to spare.

00:10:14 Dr Brad Miller

You can go to a sense of humiliation.

00:10:17 Dr Brad Miller

Humiliation you.

00:10:17 Dr Brad Miller

Can give up.

00:10:19 Dr Brad Miller

You know the children of Israel could have given up in the wilderness. I could have given up and remained, you know, fat for a long, long time. But I chose to take dramatic action and lose 100 pounds. What are you?

00:10:32 Dr Brad Miller

Going to do.

00:10:33 Dr Brad Miller

Here's what happened with Moses.

00:10:34 Dr Brad Miller

They got through the wilderness to the place of the promised land, the land of milk and honey.

00:10:39 Dr Brad Miller

They got through it.

00:10:41 Dr Brad Miller

Took a long time, took some effort.

00:10:44 Dr Brad Miller

You know Peter, who was one to deny Jesus?

00:10:48 Dr Brad Miller

He ended up.

00:10:50 Dr Brad Miller

Being what is called the rock.

00:10:54 Dr Brad Miller

The one who was the solid foundation was the church was built because after the resurrection he became the great leader of the church to build what we now know as the Christian Church.

00:11:05 Dr Brad Miller

When he got through that terrible pain of denying Jesus, here's what I want to encourage you to do.

00:11:11 Dr Brad Miller

Do not remain stuck in the malaise of your mediocrity.

00:11:14 Dr Brad Miller

You don't have to.

00:11:16 Dr Brad Miller

The temptation is there.

00:11:17 Dr Brad Miller

The temptation is there to remain in mediocrity.

00:11:20 Dr Brad Miller

The temptation is there to remain overnight.

00:11:23 Dr Brad Miller

If that's the case, to be in a bad relationship.

00:11:26 Dr Brad Miller

If that's the case, to be in a job that's unfulfilling, I want you to be fulfilled in your life and to take what you need to do to leverage the pain.

00:11:35 Dr Brad Miller

You have and to do something with it.

00:11:38 Dr Brad Miller

You know what?

00:11:38 Dr Brad Miller

What is it that you know?

00:11:39 Dr Brad Miller

Susie said.

00:11:40 Dr Brad Miller

Get unstuck.

00:11:42 Dr Brad Miller

Don't stay stuck.

00:11:44 Dr Brad Miller

Because the worst thing that could happen for me is if we go back into that amusement park and getting that ride and be stuck again.

00:11:51 Dr Brad Miller

And to be in that humiliating position, you got to take action.

00:11:55 Dr Brad Miller

It's painful, it's difficult and it's ongoing.

00:11:59 Dr Brad Miller

Oh, share with you.

00:12:00 Dr Brad Miller

Even right now this whole image about the losing weight came to be real for me again here recently.

00:12:06 Dr Brad Miller

When you know i've over the years since I had that surgery, i've gained a little weight back.

00:12:10 Dr Brad Miller

Not nearly as much as I used to weigh, but still, i've gained some weight back, so I'm overweight still and I'm going to have surgery in about a month for cancer.

00:12:18 Dr Brad Miller

And my doc, actually two docs said to me, you know, you really need to lose weight before the surgery.

00:12:23 Dr Brad Miller

And so I'm focused on.

00:12:25 Dr Brad Miller

Doing that now.

00:12:26 Dr Brad Miller

It's painful.

00:12:27 Dr Brad Miller

It was painful to know about, you know, to get called out on this and then to understand that the pain of surgery will be dealt with will be.

00:12:38 Dr Brad Miller

It if I go through the process of losing some weight.

00:12:41 Dr Brad Miller

So I got to do that.

00:12:42 Dr Brad Miller

So here's the idea here everybody to identify the adversity.

00:12:47 Dr Brad Miller

And then choose to what I call the acts plan.

00:12:50 Dr Brad Miller

So let's just say losing weight your adversity yet to choose the acts plan the A and the word acts is to take action.

00:12:59 Dr Brad Miller

That's what Susie talked about her in her book, you know, to get unstuck, be freed, and she's got her process.

00:13:06 Dr Brad Miller

Mine is the axe plan.

00:13:07 Dr Brad Miller

The Isotech Act take action, so let's just say losing weight.

00:13:10 Dr Brad Miller

You know what you got to do?

00:13:12 Dr Brad Miller

You got to eat right?

00:13:13 Dr Brad Miller

In my case, it's going to be intermittent fasting, keto and working on.

00:13:16 Dr Brad Miller

A daily basis.

00:13:17 Dr Brad Miller

That's that's what it's going to be, it's.

00:13:20 Dr Brad Miller

Going to have to be, it's going.

00:13:21 Dr Brad Miller

To be a discipline then, OK.

00:13:24 Dr Brad Miller

The C in the word axis connect with a higher power.

00:13:27 Dr Brad Miller

That's your spiritual life.

00:13:28 Dr Brad Miller

And so for me, that's going to mean more focus on my prayer life and my journaling and things of that nature to connect it with a higher power and have a greater purpose.

00:13:38 Dr Brad Miller

And that's one of the reasons I share these podcast episodes with you.

00:13:41 Dr Brad Miller

To share them as well.

00:13:43 Dr Brad Miller

And the TI mean the the the T in the word acts is to think with discipline that is what is your day by day process.

00:13:51 Dr Brad Miller

How do you organize your life?

00:13:53 Dr Brad Miller

It doesn't happen instantly just because you have pain.

00:13:56 Dr Brad Miller

It's not.

00:13:57 Dr Brad Miller

There's no magic pill here.

00:13:59 Dr Brad Miller

You have to do what you have to do, and you have to have a process then.

00:14:04 Dr Brad Miller

That think with discipline, what is your daily disciplines? In other words, I can't just diet and exercise one day and the weight comes off, you know the £15 I want to lose before.

00:14:15 Dr Brad Miller

That's not going to happen with just doing it one day.

00:14:16 Dr Brad Miller

You got to be an everyday to anything.

00:14:18 Dr Brad Miller

It's going to be, you know, compiler one another the the the power of of, of the compensation that happens.

00:14:27 Dr Brad Miller

So there, there's that.

00:14:28 Dr Brad Miller

So in the extended to serve others, the word of acts is to serve others with love and that that means that your attitude have given something back.

00:14:36 Dr Brad Miller

You know, I couldn't be a good dad to my kids.

00:14:40 Dr Brad Miller

I couldn't really be a good husband to my wife.

00:14:42 Dr Brad Miller

Couldn't do any of that stuff or contribute being make a contribution to my church or to you.

00:14:47 Dr Brad Miller

Run the Beyond Adversity podcast.

00:14:49 Dr Brad Miller

If I'm stuck, OK?

00:14:51 Dr Brad Miller

The idea is to contribute by having a motivation, having a gratitude to give something back.

00:14:57 Dr Brad Miller

That's what I want to encourage you to do, to have an attitude of taking whatever adversity you have and seeing this opportunity to do something good.

00:15:06 Dr Brad Miller

You can do it.

00:15:07 Dr Brad Miller

You people have adversity.

00:15:08 Dr Brad Miller

They have depression in their life, they have physical disabilities.

00:15:12 Dr Brad Miller

The debt you can turn all that around if you take that pain and leverage it towards something good.

00:15:19 Dr Brad Miller

That's my encouragement to you and that's why I do the Beyond Diversity Podcast that tell you these stories about people have done just that.

00:15:26 Dr Brad Miller

We have over 260 episodes now. I'd be at Doctor Brad miller.com, which are these great stories, stories and teaching that are gonna help to motivate you and get you in a place where you can identify your adversity.

00:15:41 Dr Brad Miller

Navigate through the wilderness and come to your personal place of peace and prosperity and purpose. I'm here to help a doctor, Brad miller.com.

00:15:50 Dr Brad Miller

And a doctor, Brad miller.com slash 40 day. Wait, get on our mailing list. Find out more about what we offer.

00:15:56 Dr Brad Miller

We can be helpful to you.

00:15:58 Dr Brad Miller

We love you.

00:15:59 Dr Brad Miller

We're with you and we look forward to seeing you next time here on the Beyond Diversity Podcast with Doctor Brad Miller.

00:16:05 Dr Brad Miller

Until that time rolls around, remember, friends to always do all the good.

00:16:10 Dr Brad Miller

That you can.