136. Reclaim Resilience After a Loss with the “Bad Widow” Alison Pena

ALISON PENA aka “Bad Widow” is Dr Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 136 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast. Alison took on the moniker “Bad Widow” when she experienced the cancer diagnosis of her husband of 25 years and his subsequent death.   The expectation and her initial reaction were to dissolve into “drowning in a seemingly endless landscape of grief and despair.”


In this gripping episode, Alison shares with Dr Brad how she chose to deal with her grief by reclaiming her resilience after the loss. The conversation revolves around the quality of life strategies revolving around art, proactive use of time and entrepreneurship which Alison employed during the time she had with her husband and in her time of grief and recovery.


Alison Pena the “Bad Widow” gives wonderful life advice to anyone looking to deal with the profound adversity of a loss in their life in a healthy way.


Alison Pena blogs at www.badwidow.com


The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published by Dr. Brad Miller to help people navigate adverse life events and emerge with a promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.


Dr. Brad Miller

February 2021


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