PTP.009: “Making A Bargain…Keeping A Promise” with Carole Sanek

PTP.009: “Making A Bargain…Keeping A Promise” with Carole Sanek

She made a bargain with God and then had to keep her promise and that has made all the difference for Carole Sanek. On Episode 009 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast Dr Brad has a great conversation with Carole Sanek ( An award winning blogger and writer, podcaster and social media consultant Carole faced a major challenge in her life alone when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a registered nurse she knew the gravity of her situation. Brad talks with Carole about how she dealt the adversity of this terrible disease by seeking medical care, drawing on knowledge from books and teachers, developing new support groups of people and getting spiritual guidance and direction.

Carole came to a point of spiritual introspection where she bargained with God that she would become an advocate for breast cancer patient should she overcome her cancer. The result is that Carole has devoted her life to keeping the promise, of her grand bargain, by working diligently for women’s health issues, particularly focused on breast reconstruction surgery. These efforts have led her to write award-winning blogs in the medical field and write and ghostwrite a number of books. Going even deeper in keeping her promise to her grand bargain Carole is now researching and writing a book on telling the story of the victims of suicide and attempted suicide. This is an important episode of The Pathway to Promise Podcast that you will want to share with people dealing with the challenges of disease and suicide.

The Pathway to Promise Podcast is all about the view that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and you arrive at that place by following a planned path with the proper people as a guide. The Pathway to Promise Podcast, is your antidote to adversity, your guide to finding your personal pathway to your promised life of peace prosperity and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller, DMin
March 2018

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