PTP.003: Gods Gift of Drawing on a Higher Power

In Episode 003“The Pathway to Promise” podcast Dr. Brad Miller presents the third of five foundational episodes which present the core teachings on which the pathway to promise process is built. The title of the episode is “The Foundational Gift of Drawing on a Higher Power.”

The Pathway to Promise Promise is grounded in the belief that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose and you must implement a planned pathway with the proper people to quickly overcome life’s challenges to achieve that promised life.

The second foundational principle of the pathway to promise process is “The Foundational Gift of Drawing on a Higher Power.”

Dr. Brad extrapolated these four principles from 2 Timothy 1:7 “God does not give us a spirit of timidity but the spirit of power love and self-discipline”

“Drawing on a Higher Power flows directly from the statement “God give us a spirit of power”

Dr. Brad uses the story of a whitewater rafting trip where he almost drowned and had to be rescued and framework for understanding the power of prayer and dependence on a higher power.

Dr Brad intrudes the listener to spiritual practices particularly the spiritual practice of journaling.

Dr Brad teaches the SOAP plan for journaling as a means to draw upon a higher power.

The SOAP Plan includes the following process of reading the Bible and journaling:

S-Scripture: Reading a passage of scripture and writing down and speaking aloud the passage in the journal.
O-Observation: Observe the passage of scripture in writing in terms of context, message and impact.
A-Application: Write in the journal the application the passage of scripture has on your personal life.
P-Prayer: Write a prayer in the journal of adoration, confession and gratitude based on the passage of scripture.
Meditation: Take a few moments of quiet meditation to reflect on the power of the scripture.

Dr. Brad Miller is a student of life transformation. A Christian pastor for 35 years he holds a doctoral degree in transformational leadership. Dr. Brad’s blog and podcast can be found at

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