177: How To Move Grief to Relief After Losing A Love One With Marie Alessi

Marie Alessi is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 171 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Marie is an influencer, speaker, and author of a book inspired by life’s adversities that deal with a loved one’s passing. She is a grief coach who helps people go through the experience as efficiently as possible and help others by sharing her take on the negative aspect of life.

In this episode, Marie talks about her personal experience dealing with the death of her loved ones, the grief, the pain, and the negative emotions that she struggled to deal with alongside while raising her two children without a father figure.

Marie had lost two significant people in her life: her father when she was 20 years old and her husband when they were both 45 years old. Her spouse was in his prime; he went on a business trip and never returned. It was unexpected, and Marie was heartbroken when she found out more.

Before answering the phone, when she received the call from the police regarding his husband’s untimely death, something clicked inside her – it was as if she switched into function mode and was able to prepare herself for the worst thing she could imagine mentally. When one of her sons wondered who would look after them if they found out the truth, Marie bravely said, “I will.”

Many people are oblivious to their choices. People, often imprisoned and numb, which can lead to despair or sadness, and they are unaware that not deciding to heal is also a decision not to make. The majority of individuals, if they have a choice, choose to grieve.

A week after the funeral, Marie had a nervous breakdown in the kitchen. She started yelling at the lads. Due to Pickering’s presence or people cleaning their teeth, she needed quiet. And the noise got louder and louder. On the other hand, she went off on the other subject; she only wanted peace or the lack of noise. Marie was thrown into this spiral out of nowhere and was helpless to stop herself. She yelled and screamed it over and over till she collapsed on the kitchen floor, whacking the kitchen cabinet and shouting at the top of her lungs. Then there was nothing but quiet. 

Beyond Adversity Podcast Episode 171 serves as a reminder for anyone struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. Remember that beyond the agony and suffering you are currently experiencing, there is hope and a better life ahead of you. This episode discusses the value of intimate circles and how they can provide emotional and social support during difficult times.

 “The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 

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176. From Devastating Divorce to Intentionally Fabulous with Kelli Calabrese

Kelli Calabrese is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 176 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Kelli Calabrese is the author of several books including Success Habits of Super Achievers, and Mom and Dadpreneurs. She has the course called the Intentionally Fabulous course, which is all about helping people, particularly women to navigate the extremely painful process of separation and divorce. 

In this episode, Kelli shared about the stages of separation and divorce, and how to go from fearful to fearless and set your soul on fire in the process. 

Episode 176 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for you to know the

specific steps that you can apply to your life, particularly if you’re going through a separation.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 


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175: Death Happens What Do You Do Next With Kimberley Pittman Schulz

Kimberley Pittman Schulz is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 175 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Kimberley is an Award-Winning Writer, Philanthropic & End-of-Life Planner, Grief Healing Facilitator.

Kimberley asked, frequently, to speak about death. She, like most of us, is more than a job title. She’s a poet and author who writes on loss, joy, and mindfulness, with a passion for all things wild and winged. As a philanthropic end-of-life planning advisor specifically, why we can be better in our relationships with donors and clients (and ourselves) when we stop avoiding and become comfortable with conversations about death, dying, and end-of-life options. 

She spent 25+ years as a charity estate planning professional and former nonprofit leader helping people from all walks of life create meaningful donations that affect the world as well as their own lives. “Well, that’s excellent employment if you can get it!” said one of Kim’s benefactors early in her career.

In this episode, you’ll discover what it takes to overcome sadness, find your way back, and live wisely as a force for good in the world. She also debunks the notion that pain and joy are opposed. And think that even while grieving and living your life, you can do and exist with enormous delight. 

Kim’s personal experience with grief and death began when she was around three and a half years old, saved from a house fire. However, her two sisters, who were sleeping in the same room as her, could not be spared. As a result, Kim, exposed to loss at an early age, which was terrible for her parents. Her mother forever changed due to the event, so loss has always been a part of who she was.

When we think of grief, we usually think of sadness and other similar emotions, but grief encompasses a wide range of emotions as well as a physical component. Our thoughts, feelings, bodies, and emotions are all intertwined. As a result, if you start steering up one region, it will stir up all of the others. 

For Kim, it got to the point that she sought out one-on-one counseling and a physician who wanted to put her on antidepressant medication. There are instances when sadness turns into true clinical depression, but Kim felt in her bones that this was unresolved grief, not depression, at the moment. It did, however, give her a sense of urgency, and she didn’t want to be there forever. 

It was debilitating, and Kim struggled to sit in meetings. She should be leading a group of people, but she didn’t care. Nothing was important. She eventually left that job and took one that was less demanding since she needed to take care of herself.

Anyone struggling with the death of a loved one should listen to Episode 175 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast. This audio demonstrates how to effectively deal with concerns such as emotional, physical, and mental stress when dealing with death. This episode reminds us that life is more extensive than what we’re going through right now, and all we have to do is deal with the pain and keep moving on in life. 

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 

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174: How To Relax and Change Everything From The Author “Relationship, Are You Sure You Want One” Brendan Watt

Brendon Watt is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 174 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Brendon Watt is a global Access Consciousness® facilitator, entrepreneur, business, and life mentor.

Global Access Consciousness is a Kingdom-Advancing Leadership Development Company that empowers you, the Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs, to Grow & Scale Your Business Elegantly with Identity-Aligned Positioning, Compassion-Driven Marketing, and Confidence-Fueled Selling.

Brendon delivers seminars and workshops worldwide, enabling others to know they are not wrong. That everything is possible, and that they are only one choice away from change, drawing on his journey from a struggling craftsman and single parent to a global speaker.

In this episode, Brendon discusses his challenges and how he could turn his life around, resulting in him living a life he could never have imagined years ago. He expressed the belief that no amount of money can make you happy, especially if you feel as if your life has no meaning and you are losing hope.

Brendon grew up in Australia, where he was, subjected to maltreatment as a child. That physical and sexual abuse and a lack of money made life fascinating from an early age, and as he progressed through life, starting school and then high school, he was constantly ridiculed. Brendon was looking for a place to call home where Brendon could just fit in. Life had been cruel to him, and It didn’t matter how hard he tried. It just wasn’t going to work.

Brendon got into a relationship and had a kid who is now 17 years old. In Australia, he became a tradesman and began a tile firm, believing he was, meant to accomplish. That didn’t work either. Brendon was picking his path in life based on what everyone else was telling him because he couldn’t find happiness anyplace, even with money. He believed that as soon as he received the money, he would be satisfied.

Brendon recalls thinking one day that if he had $10,000 in the bank, he would be happy, but even if having $10,000 in the bank, he would still be depressed. When he was 29, he was at a stage where Brendon just wanted to give up; he had run out of hope and didn’t want to live any longer. Brendon was depressed and didn’t see any way out. And one day, he asked the cosmos for assistance, whatever it may be, for he had nothing left to contribute and nothing left to get up in the morning. The next day, Brendon came across a small advertisement in the newspaper that read, “All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory call Mel.” That’s when he came across Access Consciousness.

Brendon’s narrative is a compelling, spiritual, and transformational testimonial to someone who has navigated through adversity and emerged with a life of serenity, prosperity, and purpose.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast Episode 175 is a must-listen for everyone going through a challenging period right now and believes that’s all there is to life. You can change your life, just as Brendon did; despite all of life’s challenges, he managed to overcome them and succeed in all of his endeavors.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 

Website: https://www.brendonwatt.com/

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173: Pornography, The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About with Author Joshua Shea

Joshua Shea is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 173 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Joshua is a coach, author, and speaker sharing his story and educating about pornography addiction. He specializes in coaching both men and women who are pornography addicts or are the partners of a pornography addict. He also coaches people dealing with trauma, is a certified betrayal trauma coach through the PBT Institute and has a life coaching certificate through KEW/CTAA.

In this episode, Joshua shared his experience of alcoholism and porn addiction. He talked about how he dealt with the consequences and turned his life around.

Joshua talks about how he became a porn addict at the age of 12. He dealt with emotional, sexual, and mental abuse as a child because of his babysitter.

After getting out of her babysitter’s care, he became exposed to the world of pornography. Seeing a pornographic magazine for the first time, he felt a warm glow inside him that’s very similar to how drug addicts feel. From exposure to pornography and alcohol at an early age to the point of his recovery at the age of 37, nothing mattered to him. Alcohol and pornography were the things he could count on to feel better.

Joshua says that “sex or porn addiction is not about what’s going on between your crotch. Food addiction is not about what’s going on in your stomach. Cocaine addiction is not about what’s going on in your nose. Addiction is addiction. It takes place in the brain.”

His pornography addiction worsened where looking passively at photos or videos wasn’t enough anymore. He would go to peer-to-peer chat rooms to get women to remove their clothes and do sexual things. At that point, he just made an illusion of control in his life.

The consequences of his actions finally caught him when the authorities came knocking on his door. The Maine State Police stated that Joshua was in a chat room with an underage female.

The idea of going to jail the idea of breaking his bail scared Joshua. He then moved away from pornography and went into rehab and hours of therapy. Through that, he realized that it wasn’t about his addiction. But about why he became an addict.

“Alcohol was just about numbing. Pornography was about feeling powerful.”

Not hiding his background of alcohol and pornography addiction, he decided to write his book based on his experiences to give back and help others like him.

Joshua Shea’s story of addiction is one of the many that is often overlooked in society. Often, it’s not even talked about by addicts themselves in fear of embarrassment. Whether it’s Alcoholism, Drugs, Pornography, or whatever addiction it is, one should never be denied help. So by knowing the consequences of his addiction, he decided to become the voice of the people that cannot speak.

Joshua truly turned his life around. With the help and support of the people around him, he now offers coaching and helps people to become a better version of themselves. 

Episode 174 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for any individual going through challenges in life. If you find it hard to turn your life around, listen to this episode because Joshua’s story will surely help you.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Website: https://paddictrecovery.com/

Joshua’s Book: He’s a Porn Addict…Now What?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PAddictRecovery

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paddictrecovery/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshua-shea-7b9932194/