147. Make Choices Instead of Excuses…And Find the Laughs in Each Day with Lisa David Olson the author of “Laughs on Wry, An Improviser’s Memoir”

Author, podcaster, speaker Lisa David Olson is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 147 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast.  

Lisa David Olson shares how humor helped her thrive through the worst incidents. Eventually, humor became her second career. An improvisation artist, prankster, and goofy friend, Olson is also a comedy writer, improv coach, silly mom, and professional speaker. Her book “Laughs On Wry” includes the author’s personal learnings throughout the book as well as a photo section she describes as a Project In Bravery. A portion of book proceeds is being donated to a local Family and Children’s Center, toward a program to assist struggling families. Make choices instead of excuses … and find the laughs in each day. 

In this Episode 147 of Beyond Adversity Podcast, you will experience the power of transformation through humor to help you to go Beyond Adversity. 

The mission of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is to help people to navigate adverse life events (depression, divorce, disease, debt, death) and emerge to live a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller.


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