169. Live Your Best Life by Aligning Your Body, Mind and Spirit Through an Holistic Approach with Angel Hiles

Angel Hiles is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 169 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Angel is a self-employed relational therapist who is dedicated to assisting you in discovering your actual self so that you can feel a genuine connection, joy, serenity, and love — from the inside out. Her integrated, holistic approach is based on the concept that having an authentic and honest relationship is the foundation for connecting with others.

In this episode, Angel talks about her personal experience dealing with trauma as a child and how it influenced her decision to pursue a career in assisting others with their issues.

She has been through a variety of traumas, but she concentrates on a specific sort of trauma that often goes unnoticed: attachment traumas, relational traumas, and developmental traumas, in which our physical and emotional needs aren’t satisfied as children. We also lack the secure attachment that allows us to experience ourselves and connect with others, which generates a great deal of distress.

Her parents divorced three times during their marriage; therefore, she grew up in a tumultuous environment. While her mother battled depression, her father struggled to maintain a relationship. She saw how her mother’s mental health deteriorated due to it all, and she grew up knowing that her family struggles with mental health and substance misuse.

We may not realize that trauma is affecting our ability to cope and operate in the first place. Maybe we can take a step back and look at where you are in life and ask, “Am I in pain?” Or does my life appear to be out of hand? Some level of awareness is essential. All people experience pain, and it can manifest in a variety of ways. Angel appeared in relationships as well as in emotions.

Faith is a universal quality everyone needs to go through in life, even when the odds are stacked against them. It gave Angel hope that all she had gone through was for a reason and that she wasn’t alone. She met other people who assisted her as a result of this. Have faith in oneself to look for someone who wouldn’t judge her. Everyone’s support system is critical at all times.

 Episode 169 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast serves as a reminder for everyone suffering from any depression, trauma, or childhood experiences that impacted your life as you grow older to always look for the brighter things in life. It speaks about how devastating these negative emotions are and how it sets limiting beliefs on individuals who choose to be on the safe side rather than to take risks.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose. 


167. How to Slow Down to Make More Money and Spend Time Doing What You Want with Joe Sanok the Author of “Thursday is The New Friday”

Joe Sanok is the guest on Episode 167 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast” with Dr. Brad Miller. Joe Sanok is the author of the book “Thursday is the New Friday.” Published by HarperCollins in October 2021. He is a keynote and TEDx speaker and a business consultant, and host of a podcast. Joe is also a PsychCentral contributor published in the Huffington Post, Forbes, GOOD Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur on Fire, and Yahoo News. Joe Sanok assists private practitioners in developing novel strategies for starting, growing, and scaling a private practice. Joe is also the founder of Podcast Launch School, a nine-month program that teaches budding podcasters to get incredible guests and monetize their show. He provides one-on-one consulting, Mastermind Groups, and other services to help businesses start, grow, and scale.

In this episode, Joe Sanok shares some ideas about slowing down to gain more time and productivity.

Joe discusses his previous position as a college counselor at a community college. He also maintained a side counseling practice and a developing podcast.

However, Joe’s fortunes changed when his eldest daughter required open-heart surgery. Joe was diagnosed with thyroid cancer shortly after his daughter was successfully healed and given the “all clear.”

Joe required radioactive iodine treatment to address his cancer following thyroid removal. He is currently more than ten years cancer-free.

In 2012, with the death of Joe’s grandmother and the diagnosis of his best friend’s wife with cancer, he reconsidered his professional decision. It was difficult to give a breakdown of his profession because he adored it. It was not your standard corporate job, which employees despise.

To accomplish our best job for the world, Joe believes that we must slow down and recognize when we are burned out or maxed out. That is never when we have good ideas or are most creative. Often, it’s as though we’re in the shower and have a brilliant idea. We’re on a trek, or a long drive, or praying or meditating. That is when our best ideas occur. And so, starting with the big picture, we need to slow down even more than we have in this hustling culture.

For many people, meditation is a significant part of their lives. It may include prayer or reading and ensuring that they are putting good nourishment into their bodies. Joe is always drinking some green smoothie, making him feel better—sleeping between eight and nine hours per night. When we start from the beginning, it’s those fundamental elements that unlock your brain and enable you to do the finest work you’re supposed to do in the world. When someone has a spiritual perspective of anything more significant than themselves, that will allow you to realize just how you can make an impact in the world and that there’s plenty in the world that you have no control over.

Being able to think beyond yourself and say, “You know, things are unfolding in the universe that is beyond your control,” regardless of whether you believe in a deity or spiritual being, or whatever your belief system is. There is something outside of you that you have no control over. Let go of the expectations, of the clutching to how the world is supposed to develop, or else you’ll going to be unhappy. And it will just serve to make you sad all the time because you have your one vision of the universe, and there is no way that version will unfold in the manner in which you believe it will.

Often, we live in a town where there aren’t many people who think like podcasters or entrepreneurs, and building and cultivating that network of individuals who will impact our lives is critical. Thus, by not being stressed out and not being pressed for time, Joe can actively call friends and check in with people who are doing fascinating things in the world. And he’s not doing this to pick that person’s brain for business purposes; he’s doing it to learn how they’re doing.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast Episode 167 is a must-listen for everyone who feels pressed for time due to the amount of work needed. This episode reminds listeners how critical it is to slow down, especially in a fast-paced world where impatience is typical, and waiting is no longer regarded as a virtue.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.




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