POP.119: Matthew Bivens- Overcoming Fear and Having it ALL

Matthew Bivens 

Is a guy with the wild idea that each and every one of us can HAVE IT ALL. He believes real success is measured in who you become as a person and how you influence yourself, others and life.

We all have a story, and Matthew’s is probably not too different from yours. From emotionally beating the hell out of himself daily, to living constantly in a mix of fear and self doubt, to raging jealousy and self judgement — He had become a master at living a fear based life. 

But through some humbling breakdowns and amazing breakthroughs he experienced healing, growth and a recognition that an abundant loving life is right there to take! 

In Episode 119 of the Power of Promise Podcast Matthew tells his story to Dr. Brad Miller and reveals the secret sauce to having it All. The you can go to his website and check him the Having it A.L.L. Podcast at


PTP.029: Do You Mind If I Change My Mind

PTP.029: Do You Mind If I Change My Mind

The mission of the Pathway to Promise Podcast is to help people overcome adversity to achieve their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

In Episode 029 Dr. Brad Miller teaches about the importance of mindfulness in life transformation.  Specifically, Brad refers to Harris book “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” and the importance of Transactional Analysis in understanding the nature of our personal personalities and how we relate to other people.

Dr. Brad Miller

August 2018









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