The Transformative Power of Telling Your story with Scott Johnson from the “What Was That Like” Podcast (Part 2)

Scott is the founder and host of “”what was that like”” podcast.

A podcast with true first-hand stories – a plane crash, a mass shooting, a bear attack, a train derailing, and more. The guest tells us exactly what happened and answers the question, What Was That Like? 

In this episode, Scott shared some of the intense stories he has heard in his podcasts.

He talks about one of his guests who experienced an earthquake at the base of Mount Everest, a lady who escaped her house from severe flooding, and many more dramatic stories. 

As the host of this podcast, he felt many different emotions from hearing some of his guests’ stories, and he aims to inspire his listeners through his podcast.

Episode 162 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone going through a hard time and someone who wants to expand their knowledge about the happenings in life.

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Scott Johnson’s Episode 1