How To Defeat Your Dream Killers with Lessons Learned from Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert Kennedy

Dr. Brad Miller had 3 part series of this week’s episodes with his guest Cliff Ravenscraft. They talked about how to have the process to free the dream in your life, and how to defeat those who are going to try to steal your dreams. and how to have a life overcoming adversity and achievement of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Cliff shared his stories on how to overcome people who would destroy his dreams and a mindset that helps you in the process of fulfilling your dream and to remove fear from it. 

In this episode, Dr. Miller talks about this “Martin Luther King Junior” special holiday and which has significant and interesting dynamics for all of us together with our brothers in African American community. But somehow overlook the importance of achieving freedom, dreams, and happiness. 

Cliff Ravenscraft’s episode part 1 episode part 2 episode part 3

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peace, prosperity, and purpose. I'm coming to you today from the Loft Studio. Just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, and that'll be a pertinent fact as we have our conversation today, and I look to bring you a message here about how to defeat those who are going to try to steal your dreams. There are people who want to kill your dreams in your life, and we're gonna talk about that here today about defeating the dream.

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