138: A Commitment to Transformation through Deep Introspection with Fatima Oliver the Author of “The Prescription is In The Dirt”

Fatima Oliver the author of “The Prescription is In The Dirt” is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 138 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast.


Fatima shares her incredible story of facing abandonment, abuse, depression and anxiety in her childhood and young adulthood which devastated her life.


She desperately wanted to change here pathway in life.


She chose to do so by committing to deep introspection emotionally and spiritually to achieve healing. This is the process Fatima calls upon when she speaks of seeking a prescription for healing by digging deep into the dirt of her life.


She found her path through a 63 day process of deep connection to her Christians faith and through the people who joined her in the process. Now she is dedicated to helping others to did deep into the inner of workings of their life to achieve peace and healing. In short Fatima calls on folks to commitment over comfort as a pathway to completeness in ones battle get beyond adversity.


This is an important episode for those facing depression and anxiety and need to example of a woman of deep and abiding Christian faith to guide them.


The purpose of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is to help people facing debilitating adverse life events to emerge into peace, prosperity and purpose.


Dr. Brad Miller

February 2021



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Transcript-Fatima Oliver