137. From Playboy Photographer to Protecting Kids From Porn. The Story of Emily Gaudreau author of “How to Raise a Maverick ”

137. From Playboy Photographer to Protecting Kids From Porn. The Story of Emily Gaudreau author of “How to Raise a Maverick ”

On Episode 137 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller a former Playboy photographer turned passionate advocate of protecting children from porn is Dr. Brad’s guest.

Emily Gaudreau is the author of “How to Raise a Maverick” and blogs at www.HowtoRaiseaMaverick.com.

Emily describes herself and being obsessed with teaching parents and caregivers how to keep their kids safe from sexual abuse without having to become a dreaded helicopter parent!

In Episode 137 she shares with Dr. Brad her story of how in 2008 her professional photography career hit rock bottom when she was put on assignment by Playboy.com to shoot their “party school of the year” celebration. When she finished the shoot, she put her camera in a box and swore it would never come out again.

That day Emily chose to become a Maverick and aligned with my real purpose: to protect the beautiful, physical expression of love from being used as a tool to manipulate, profit from, and cause pain.

Emily’s mission is to help you gently lead your kids to a place where they love themselves, respect others, and protect each other from those that don’t!

She shares her story and how she can be helpful to parents on Episode 137 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller.

The mission of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is to provide the guide for people to navigate through adverse life events (depression, death, debt, disease, divorce) and emerge to a place of peace prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

February 2021


Emily Gaudreau https://howtoraiseamaverick.com/