“Epiphany 2023: Your Light Bulb ‘A-Ha’ Moment to Go Another Way” With Dr. Brad Miller

In this episode, Dr. Brad Miller talks about the epiphany of the “Aha” light bulb moment which will have a different approach to go 2023 Beyond Adversity Podcast.

He recently Interviewed Christine Malick in 2 episodes series where she told him some incredible stories which bring up related to this episode about an “Aha” moment in his life and talked about the seasons of light, epiphany, changes, and different paths toward life.

He shared stories about his life, from the time spent with his brother, happy, and sad moments, with his family, Christianity, and discovers the true meaning of these holiday seasons, Christmas, Three kings, Jesus, and many more.

Links to Episodes referred to in this podcast:

Christine Malik Episode 232 and Episode 233