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129. Stop Waiting for Happy to Happen with Christine Grauer the author of “Project Life”

The author of “Project Life” Christine Grauer is Dr. Brad’s guest on Episode 129 of the Power of Promise Podcast.

Christine states:

“My purpose is to be an inspiring agent of deliberate change to contribute to a world where love and peace prevail and where people consistently act with love and compassion, regardless of external conditions. I achieve this by fulfilling my mission and helping people awaken and master their inherent power so each can reach their greatest potential and live with resilience, happiness and love. “

She speaks to Dr. Brad about a myriad of adversities that she faced in her early adulthood including abuse situations as she awaited happiness to happen to her…which never did.

She describes the journey that she took to claim her own happiness by stepping through her fear to face to reclaim her life. This became her project – her Project Life!

This is the perfect episode for the person who feels stuck in a cycle of disappointment waiting for circumstances to change for the better and are left wanting and are now motivated to empower their life.

Christine offers a practical four step LIFE Method which is what her book project Life teaches:

• Listen, Turn challenges into opportunities and prevent them from reappearing.

• Investigate, Be the conscious creator of your life rather than the emotional reactor.

• Forgive, Gain a sense of who you are and why you’re here.

• Evolve, Smile, laugh and be full of vitality.

Episode 129 of the Power of Promise Podcast will help you to move past waiting to claiming true happiness in your life.

The Power of Promise Podcast is published by Dr. Brad Miller with the purpose of helping people overcome debilitating adversity to achieve a life of peace, prosperity and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

My 21, 2020