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POP.126: Staying Fit during a Pandemic with Justin Feldman from The Wealthy Body Academy

Justin Feldman talks to Dr Brad Miller on Episode 126 of The Power of Promise Podcast about staying fit during a pandemic and overcoming physical and financial adversity to achieve peak physical fitness. Justin created The Wealthy Body Academy Facebook Group to help men achieve peak performance fat loss.

Justin shares with Brad about his journey of overcoming debilitation birth defects a major back injury and business losses to achieve optimal performance himself and to coach others to do the same. In particular he talks to Brad about mindset and systems in achieving peak performance. 

Justin addresses the challenge of achieving and maintaining fitness during a time pandemic.

The Purpose of The Power of Promise Podcast is to help people overcome adversity to achieve a life of peace, prosperity and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

April 2020

The Wealthy Body Academy

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