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POP.125: Leaving a Legacy of Wisdom with the Author of “The Wealthy Gardener” John Soforic

John Soforic talks to Dr. Brad on Episode 125 of the Power of Promise Podcast. He wrote a book on wealth for his son who was in college. He felt qualified to offer advice due to my his own financial freedom. This is his story told within the metaphor of the story of Wealthy Gardener who through the principles taught in the book is able to live abundantly and give generously to others. John and Brad go deep into conversation about the integration of the inner life into manifestations of wealth and emotional wellbeing. Moreover, they talk about the poignancy and importance of leaving a legacy of wisdom to your children. “The Wealthy Gardener” is a wonderful witness to a fathers love for his son directed through the teaching of lessons applicable to all woven through with the wonderful parable of the wealthy gardener. You’ll be blessed by Episode 125 of the Power of Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad and his guest author John Soforic.

The Power of Promise Podcast exists to help people overcome adversity to achieve a life of Peace, Prosperity and Purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

April 17, 2020

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