PTP.018: Finding Your Big Why with Pamela Wilson

“I just did not want to have a boring life” so says Pamela Wilson in her interview with Dr. Brad Miller describing the motivations for many of the decisions and adventure she’s taken her life on the Pathway to Promise podcast Episode 018.

Pamela Wilson is the author of “Master Content Marketing” and creator of the “Big Brand System” helping entrepreneurs plan, build, implement and grow their online businesses.

Pamela shares with Dr. Brad one of the initial motivations for her to create her own business was her experience as a single mother and being highly motivated to parent her children the way she wanted to parent them with a very hands-on engaged approach by building a business and she could do it home.

This motivation to create and sustain a business is the “Big Why” that Pamela teaches in her book and system.

Pamela tells Brad how living overseas helped give for an appreciation of different lifestyles and approaches to business and life and be open to new ideas from many sources.  She approaches life with the acceptance that failure is a given but not final.  She looks at every failure as an opportunity to have a learning experience that she can apply in some other area of life moving forward.  A part of the resources she draws upon to succeed in her life are being open to mentorship and encouragement from others and relying on a deep well of spiritual peace within her which she describes as a calming deep lake.

Pamela developed a systematic way to create compelling and effective content in the online business world. However, she discovered that many people she worked with were befuddled by the very process that she had mastered. She tells Dr. Brad that the problem of overwhelm is a serious block too many people wanting to build an online business. She created the Plan and Go Big process as an antithesis to overwhelm by helping business people master process through manageable stages.

She condenses the process into four stages: planning, building, implementation and growing.  She shares with Dr. Brad how the process works; helping people through the critical transition from one stage to another in particular.  Pamela sees her purpose as being a knowledgeable guide who has walked the path of business building and can help others master the process of planning, building, implementing and growing a successful business.

Episode 018 of the Pathway to Promise podcast is great for folks looking to define and refine their own personal process to succeed in a step-by-step manner.

The purpose of the Pathway to Promise podcast is to help people succeed by affirming that every person has a God-given promised life of peace prosperity and purpose that they can achieve when they follow a path with an experienced guide. The Pathway to Promise podcast exists to help people got be guided through the wilderness of adversity in life to achieve success and is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller.

Dr. Brad Miller

May 2018

Pamela Wilson

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